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Install for 7 rooms in April 2009...best option? :D

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion' started by pdawg17, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. TBoneit

    TBoneit Hall Of Fame

    Jul 27, 2006
    As long as the contractor leaves extra wire in the wall that can be pulled into the room if you need to add new ends to replace the old ends I see no problem. Wire has no moving parts, it has no electronics to fail. It usually turns out to be that the problem is at the ends with the connectors IMHO. So as I said make sure there is extra wire in the wall after the point where it is secured to teh structure so it be shortened later without being to short.
  2. carl6

    carl6 Moderator Staff Member DBSTalk Club

    Nov 15, 2005
    Seattle, WA
    1. Do have an AC outlet available. You only need a power inserter with an SWMLine or SWM8. You don't need one for a WB68.

    2. If your coax runs are very long (total over 100 feet dish to receiver), make sure the coax is solid copper center conductor. If it is all going through conduit, a pull string is nice - but if the conduit is small, very long, or has very many corners/curves, you probably won't be able to pull another line in addition to what is already in there.

    3. Two coax to each room will support OTA if you have a non-DVR receiver, or are using SWM with a DVR. If you will be using a regular multiswitch and have a DVR, you will need a third coax for OTA.

  3. RobertE

    RobertE New Member

    Jun 9, 2006
    Also make sure there access to that closet from above, below or on a side. At some point, you may need to get new cables from outside to that closet. If it's completely boxed in (no access anywhere) your screwed. :eek2:
  4. pdawg17

    pdawg17 Hall Of Fame

    Jul 17, 2006
    How do I know if the coax is "solid copper center conductor"?
  5. Michael D'Angelo

    Michael D'Angelo Lifetime Achiever

    Oct 20, 2006
    On the box/spool it should say SCC or CCS. You want it to say SCC.

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