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  1. WebTraveler

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    Apr 9, 2006
    OK, so I am ready to get dish. I am concerned about installation and having someone unqualified showing up. I want wires fished between the walls, through the attic, crawlspace, etc.

    The representative from Dish told me no problem; just to make sure I let the installer know up front when he gets here. Tells me that this is normal installation for them, in fact, thats what they did on her house, in the attic and fished through walls. She tells me contractors often cut corners, but not dish installers.

    My neighbor has directv and the wiring looks really, really bad. I told her if it looks like his, I am not interested.

    I was told that when he shows up, make it clear what I want; if he is not willing to do that, send him on his way. The guarantee they have right now, free 30 days with all your cash back, will apply and that is that.

    I also was told that if I want something extra iti s $59 an hour plus that true? Thats not too bad if it is.

    Someone tell me this makes sense before I go with it.

  2. dbwizbangr

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    Jun 1, 2006
    E* has set rates for the extras. Standard installation is a basic install limited to the amout of cable and so on. If you want cable fished and or pulled through hard to access places, well let's just say, expect to pay more. Hopefully a real Pro will show up and all the cableing that can be hiddin will be. Plumb and square should be a standard for all installs of any type. But time is money and extra time wil cost. Good luck.
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