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Interesting telephone call from DirecTV

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by Ray_Clum, Jul 1, 2002.

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  1. Ray_Clum

    Ray_Clum Hall Of Fame

    Apr 22, 2002
    In the last few months, I dropped DirecTV and switched to Comcast Digital Cable - more premiums, more local channels (some LPTV weather stations put up by NBC & ABS locals), less money. Yes, I realized that not all of the channels were digital, but I figured what the hey, they're giving me $25/month discount for 16 months just for giving them a receiver and a dish.
    Well, yesterday, DirecTV called offering me a deal to come back. Agree to stay for 1 year (was told that it was an honor bound agreement, verbal only, no penalty for quitting early...) and pay for TC and one premium at full price and get Showtime free for 6 months and Starz/Encore for $2/month for 6 months. They will also replace my receiver for free, give me a new dish (they even said they'd give me the elliptical dish for free :D ) and free installation.

    Because of the lower taxes on satellite in Indiana - 5% on satellite and 11% on cable, no franchise fees on satellite - the bill will be the same for 6 months including the 2nd receiver fee from DirecTV (only have one digital box now from Comcast) and after the Comcast promo ended, the package for the equivalent of TC+ w/locals, HBO & Showtime would be $88 (incl. tax) where DirecTV would be $70 (incl. tax).

    Now if I can only get the free receiver to be a DirecTiVo...
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