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Intermittent 775 error

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Tips and Resources' started by hornmdt1, May 1, 2014.

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  1. hornmdt1

    hornmdt1 New Member

    Mar 21, 2013
    I am having a strange problem. On my Genie HR34 I am getting an intermittent 775 error (with msg can't find satellite or something to that effect). It will be off for anywhere from 6-12 hours then just start working again and maybe not miss a beat for 2 weeks then the same thing will happen again. I called Directv and they had me unplug the power supply to the SWM switch for 30 seconds but that did not fix the problem. But of course when the tech arrived the next day everything was working fine. He said that I might have one side of my green labeled SWM 16 channel switch going bad.

    Each of the 2 outputs of the switch go into a green labeled SWM 8 port splitter. On one of the splitters the 5 tuner Genie is connected and there are 3 HR23's with 2 tuners each connected to the other SWM splitter (6 tuners total). So the tuner load is as evenly split as possible). I do not get the 775 on the HR23's even when the Genie is getting the error message.

    I'm afraid it could be the Genie itself going bad and if I were to lose all my programming going back as far as a year I would be highly ticked. While it was getting the 775 today I had a marathon session on some of the programs I have recorded in case it turns out to be the Genie. Directv is supposed to come in the morning but about 5pm this afternoon the darn thing came back on after being off since 8am this morning and hasn't missed a beat since.

    Anyone else ever encountered this or have any ideas? I don't whether to call off the tech or see if he will switch out the SWM unit.

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