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Is anyone actually going to buy the 501 for $199?

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Aug 17, 2001.

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  1. Guest

    I have 2 Dishplayers but have no plans to take Charlie up on the $199 deal. It's pretty tempting but I'm fairly happy with the DP's. Yes, they have some bugs but being able to record Dolby Digital and having a searcheable 7 day guide make me overlook the bugs.
  2. Guest

    Not I, because it's not a deal for me. I have no desire to upgrade to AT150 - the only channel I'd like to have is VH1-Classic, but I'm not willing to pay $10/mo more for it. I may get another 501, but I'll get it from dish depot.
  3. Guest

    I just ordered the 501 for $199.00. An installer is scheduled to come by on Aug 30. $199 seemed like a good deal to me.

  4. Guest

    I would like to buy one for $199, however, I know that the deal is only valid for a certain time period. This leads me towards not buying one because it's a new product and even though it's gone through testing it still has bugs and needs upgrades. I think I'm going to wait until they get everything in tip top shape. Plus, I'd also like to wait and see what the PVR701 (I believe that's the name. Not sure though) is like. I do know that it's going to be more expensive. So for right now, I'll just sit back and enjoy my nice 4900.
  5. Guest

    I just bought a Tivo but am thinking of returning it for a refund and buying the 501 instead. Does anyone know if there is an additional monthly fee for this service like the TIVO? (they charge $9.99 a month).
  6. Guest

    If you buy the 501 there is no monthly fee for the PTV service.
  7. Guest

    I bought the 501 a week ago... after a hdd re-init, the unit works great and I love it!
  8. Guest

    I'm waiting for my free one.
  9. Guest

    The 721 will be out at the end of this year or beginning of next it will sell for about $600, Richard King has a nice website with some 721 pics.


  10. Guest

    Its installed and running great! What a good deal that was. $199.00 and I got the 501 and free installation of coax into my bedroom as this is my second unit.

    By the way, they waived the signing up for automatic debit of my credit card requirement. They must not have had the turnout they expected. Just tell them you don't want automatic monthly debit but want the $199 deal anyhow and they have no problem waiving that requirement.

    Now I have Dish 500, 2 receivers (one of them the 501 PVR), and Starband internet. Boy that dish is getting crowded! :)

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    I don't find it fair that new customers get one for free while loyale customers are expected to shell out yet more bucks for it. I paid $600.00 for my first dish system. Then the Dish 500 system came out. I held out. When I saw the new customer special where they were giving away two recievers (one of which was a 501) and the Dish of couse being the new 20 inch instead of the 18 inch I went to one of the local stores and they signed me up as a new customer again.

    I am very happy with the new system. Not sure what to do with the old system, it is just sitting in storage.
  12. Guest

    Since, I signed up with Dish Network on 8/17/01 I did not qualify for the PVR 501 at $199 customers prior to the 8/13/01 qualify, I got the 6000 8VSB when I first started. But, since I wanted a second room which currently has DirectTV but since I wanted the PVR I got my system at Sears for $399. I really like the PVR option. I record a lot of shows and usually at the end of the season my tapes are all jumbled up in a big mess cause I can't keep track of which show came first. So I usually just abandon the tapes. This season should be different as I will be PVR the shows I watch.
  13. Guest

    On the last Charlie caht they said "No charge for Features of PVR501" that they charge for the dishplayer features because it was a agreement with Microsoft for the software. But they are writing their own software for hte PVR501 so they won't be an extra charge
  14. Guest

    I got the 501 deal "for Mom". I got the receiver for $150 with a self-install.

    This would have been a great deal if the thing worked.

    Basically I was accepting of the unit, even though it is extremely limited when compared to the Dishplayer, the UTV, or the DirecTIVO.

    What I find unforgiving it that recorded events are systematically lost. To me this is the biggest sin that a PVR can commit.

    I made direct contact with E*'s project engineer for the 501.
    At first he claimed "to know" what the problem is. An apparent fix seemed to eleviate the problem which did rear it's ugly head again some ten days later. Now he says a receiver exchange "might" fix the problem...

    ...I wonder what happened to "we know what the problem is"????????? :(

    Anyway mom is getting DirecTV and I am keeping my DirecTIVO which is DBS-PVR-HEAVEN!

    The Dish Network system will hang out at mom's as a second receiver for $9 per month until that promo runs out. It makes a decent second receiver and gives me a chance to monitor 501 events.

    As a DISH stockholder this bugs the living s*** out of me.
  15. Guest

    I don't blame you Harry. Dish has not done an extremely great job developing the PVR. It seems that Tivo has done it better. If I didn't have so much money wrapped up in Dish equipment I would probably consider moving to DirecTV and using either Ultimate TV or DirecTivo.
  16. Guest

    I am thinking that the 501 is just one big beta test for the 721.

    I hope all the bugs get worked out as I just placed my order for a 721 from Dish Depot.

  17. Guest

    Just got my PVR 501.

    It has the new Software in it.

    No problems at all here. Works great all the Time.
  18. Guest

    $199 for the 501 vs. $499 for the 721. The 721 will provide for PIP, as well as record one channel while you watch another or record two channels while you watch a prerecorded program. The HD stores up to 70 hours. The 721 will probably ship in the next 30 to 45 days. Pass on the 501... go to Dish Depot and preorder the 721. They are giving free shipping to the first 100 preorders.
  19. Guest

    Why spend $199 for a 501, when you can get a DirecTiVO for $99?? You can even get a second or third or fourth for $179 each. And with these you get TWO TUNERS, now, not when some new, buggy, POS ships from Echostar and, best of all, they work!
  20. Guest

    Correct me if I am wrong but DirectTivo is $10/month or $120/year The 501 is free for Life. Over two years that is a $240 Savings.

    I do not think the Direct Tivo works with DIsh Anyway. When it does it is not saving in the Digital Format. It is saving the analog signal to the Hard Drive.
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