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Is my HD bad, or are my troubles known bugs?

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Nov 9, 2001.

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    Blinkouts espically at top of hour when one show starts taping and watching another one.

    Guide loads fine since I reloaded software, this was my old big problem.

    Occasional freeze, going to snowey picture with no audio or video, and controls locking up. Power light will flash forever on these occasions.

    Power unit off power light flashes long time, HD issue?

    Command sometimes hang for long periods, then appear to work.

    I dont mind replacing my hard drive if it will fix some of these problems but dont want to spend money unnecessarily.........
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    I replaced the HD in the hope it fixes some of the glitches. I also pulled out of storage a extra DP, and checked it out. It had no hard drive so I installed my old 8 gig good drive. It appears OK, and I will probably add it to my account for our friends living with us. This may be better than the present arrangement. With more people around disturbing time recordings we have lost some.

    This is the busiest our home has ever been,, with all of us, friends of everyone visiting, and jen babysitting a neigbor kid, whos parents are in a bind and occasionally have no one to watch him. Jen is now taping Scooby Doo to defend us from his next visit. Last time he was here she had him playing games on our computer. He somehow got into our business programs and started deleting stuff. He is just 5 and cant read. He zones out on scooby doo so we are keeping it in inventory.
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