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Is the HR20 an inferior product

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by bdowell, Oct 25, 2007.

Is the HR20 an inferior product? (compared to HR10-250)

  1. Yes, I truly and honestly believe it is

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  2. No, it isn't. Different yes, but not inferior.

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  1. Racer88

    Racer88 Icon

    Sep 12, 2006
    Rarely (if ever) does a month go by my HR10 doesn't have to bail out the HR20's failings as a DVR.

    Most recently the HR20 has missed dozen's of hours of recordings the HR10 saved it's a** on thanks to the monumental screw up in the CIG "testing" and prior to that with it's failures to properly deal with guide data changes.
  2. mauijiminar

    mauijiminar Godfather

    Oct 11, 2007
    Well I am a new D customer from E and I got my HR20 last Thurs. The hard drive went out last nite. 1st the DVR functions stopped working. 2nd HR20 locked up and made a "churping sound" I called CS and I reformatted the hard drive. D is replacing the unit but they told me if you live in a DMA with HD locals they will send you a HR21 replacement! I hope I dont have much more trouble.
  3. SFNSXguy

    SFNSXguy EOE DBSTalk Club

    Apr 17, 2006
    Near San...
    You've got to be kidding to even ask the qustion! Just look at the number of failures/problems. Jeesh!
  4. RAD

    RAD Well-Known Member

    Aug 5, 2002
    Since E*'s blasting the D* DVR's based on CNET ratings I decided to take a look at the reader comments. To me it looks like the majority of the very low ratings people were saying they gave the low vote because the HR20 wasn't Tivo. Besides those comments there were low votes because it didn't have dual live buffers and the ATSC tuner wasn't enabled in October 2006 (even though the box said it wouldn't be enable until December).
  5. tonyd79

    tonyd79 Hall Of Fame

    Jul 24, 2006
    Columbia, MD

    You've got to be kidding to even ask the qustion! Just look at the numbers in the poll. Jeesh!
  6. Kansas Zephyr

    Kansas Zephyr Hall Of Fame

    Jun 29, 2007
    Did they specifically say if they are phasing out support for OTA?

    Before you say it...I know that a CSR doesn't necessarily know every thing, or the correct thing.

    Just curious.
  7. belunos

    belunos AllStar

    Oct 5, 2007
    They both have their faults and strongpoints. I like the tivo gui more, but holy hell is it slow! And I love the mini guide.

    At this point, I honestly couldn't say which is better
  8. Sirshagg

    Sirshagg Hall Of Fame

    Dec 29, 2006
    It's sort of like cell phones. You get one with horrible reception, but it takes awesome pictures, has the best music player, has loads of great games, is good with email, etc,etc and people tend to forget that as a phone it stinks.
  9. ub1934

    ub1934 Icon

    Dec 30, 2005
    UpState NY
    Still have and use my HR10-250 but getting to like my HR20-700 more each day , much faster ,one button record or three for season pass ( SL ) VOD/DOD Networking ,now if it only had a Tivo type guide and DLBs it would be 100+ % :lol: :lol:
  10. Milominderbinder2

    Milominderbinder2 Cutting Edge: ECHELON '08

    Oct 8, 2006
    I took the poll without reading the text.

    Still, don't we agree that the HR10 was not the best example of a TiVo even 3 years ago?

    - Craig
  11. Sirshagg

    Sirshagg Hall Of Fame

    Dec 29, 2006
    I can agree with that but it's not like it was a piece of c***. It just wasn't quite as awesome as the standalones or the SD Dtivo.
  12. Smuuth

    Smuuth Well-Known Member

    Oct 4, 2005
    It's a meaningless question as long as the answer to this question is no: Will the HR10-250 receive the MPEG4 HD channels?
  13. Sirshagg

    Sirshagg Hall Of Fame

    Dec 29, 2006
    Exactly why I now have a bunch of HR20's - no other reason.
  14. bradpr

    bradpr Legend

    Sep 8, 2007
    I didn't own the HR10 - I just established my service with D*. I will say that my installer scared the heck out of me. Just after completing my install, he said "now, you are getting the serivce plan, right?" When I told him that I wasn't about to pay a dime for a service plan on leased equipment, he told me that he's seen more HR20's replaced than any receiver D*'s ever put out. He told me I would be stupid to not get the plan, because he could just about guarantee that the HR20 would die. In the three weeks since then, I've had intermittent outages on my second tuner in the HR20. I didn't get the plan, but I'm beginning to think that the HR20 isn't an engineering masterpiece...
  15. bsnelson

    bsnelson I can has HR2x?

    Jul 6, 2007
    I'm a recent HR20 customer, and after talking to friends who've had them for a long time, I think I've come in at a pretty good time. My machine has been stable for the last two weeks, even after a CE release, and it's all working well. However, I've never had a moment's trouble from my HR10, either. I've never had the slowness problem, I've never had HDMI problems etc.

    Like most folks, there are likes and dislikes about both. If the HR10 could get the new content, I'd rather have my HR10. I also haven't "leaned on" my HR20 to record critical programming; maybe I'd feel different if I had a season link that it failed to record or something like that.

    I like the HR20's speed, the one touch recording and a few other things. But it's not "inferior", it's just different.

  16. jkast

    jkast Cool Member

    Sep 4, 2007
    But the HR21 is an inferior product. It has less capability than the HR20 and it will cost the consumer more to get an approximation of the same service on the HR21 that could be gotten on the HR20 -- with fewer channels probably at lower bit rates when OTA content is considered.
  17. gully_foyle

    gully_foyle Hall Of Fame

    Jan 18, 2007
    Los Angeles
    In the same vein of "improvement", I wonder if some future "HR22" will have only one sat tuner. At least that way we'll stop yammering about DLB.
  18. cadet502

    cadet502 FHNSAB DBSTalk Club

    Jun 17, 2005
    Had the HR10-250 for 2 years before getting the HR20-700 on Sept 14. Still have them both hooked up, and the only time I've had to go to the HR10 for a "backup" recording was the Grey's hiccup.

    I think it was only after I had it a week that the HR20 got moved to the "watch TV" button on my Harmony.

    Yes, there are still things about the HR10 I like better, but there are also things I like about the HR20 better, so different is my vote.
  19. Drew2k

    Drew2k New Member

    Aug 16, 2006
    I have two HR20s one HR21, and two HR10-250s. I hardly ever use the HR10s any more. No - the HR20 is not inferior - I find it superior to the HR10s.
  20. paulman182

    paulman182 Hall Of Fame

    Aug 4, 2006
    I also did not read the text before voting. Probably the stipulation as to what we are comparing it with should be in the poll choice.
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