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Is this the norm for DTV?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by devaska1, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. devaska1

    devaska1 Mentor

    Jul 15, 2010
    About 3 weeks ago, I took the plunge and signed up for Directv with HD DVR and a couple of HD receivers. I got familiar with the equipment and service fairly quickly. And while I am excited to have all the channels in HD and a DVR (more on the DVR in a bit) back I can't help but wonder if my new customer experience is unique or if it's just bad luck.
    Here are my issues, gripes and complaints regarding my 3 week old installation. First, is it a good idea to send install techs out who speak limited/broken English? Language barriers aside, Dimitr did an acceptable, relatively easy installation. There is an HD Plus DVR HR22-100 in the livng room an HD H24 receiver in the spare room and an SD receiver downstairs.
    The main reason I signed up for DTV is for the DVR service, the wife and I are on different schedules, two teens and little kids in the house I could never watch any show without creating conflict.
    Now the DTV experience goes from a little annoying to extremely frustrating. I figured out how to run the HR22-100 DVR right away and I started scheduling recordings from day one. While using the DVR i noticed that there is a huge lag on every function regarding the remote and the DVR. It takes around ten seconds for each damn menu function to register with the DVR.This doesn't seem acceptable to me as a new customer. I never had lag like this with my Comcast DVR. What gives? So after a day or two I am attempting to tolerate the lag and looking forward to watching some of the programs I've recorded both HD and SD broadcasts. To my amazement every single program is an unwatchable, pixelated, jumbled up mess. Not one, of my recordings can be watched with any semblance of normalcy. In doing some poking around the Internets I find out that there are hordes of complaints about DTV HD DVR boxes esp. the one I have the HR22-100. I also discover that it's common practice for DTV to give out used/refurbished equipment to new customers (old customers too)! Sure enough on the back of my HR22-100 there's a little white sticker that says refurbished. I set up an appointment with customer service and the tech missed the first appointment. New one rescheduled for this afternoon, with an MRV install. Tech said he would get me an HR24 DVR. I hope this solves some of my problems. As it is so far
    I'm givin DTV a D-!!!!
  2. matt

    matt New Member

    Jan 11, 2010
    God that was hard to read.

    Sounds like something is wrong with your receiver, but you are going to have to let the tech come look at it. Sorry you got a bum one, but the HR22 is an allright machine, you just have something wrong with yours.

    Does your HR24 work ok?
  3. Grydlok

    Grydlok Icon

    Mar 31, 2007
    Sorry dude but you where talking about the tech not being able communicate and yet your written communication is bad.
  4. devaska1

    devaska1 Mentor

    Jul 15, 2010
    How's this, the DVR doesn't work, the tech didn't speak much English. And at DTV making customers pay for refurbished crap heaps of equipment is the norm! Is that succinct enough Gryd? Sorry, I didn't mean to run on, I'm just amazed that this is what new customers get. At least I get free HD for life......
  5. prushing

    prushing Active Member

    Feb 14, 2007
    You didn't buy the DVR, they can send you whatever they want. You are leasing it.

    Installers also are not controlled by DTV. They also have whatever receivers their company warehouse has. It is a big problem that DTV doesn't have control over them, but they haven't been able to fix it. They are the only faces people see of DTV and they aren't even DTV employees and the ones I've dealt with don't like their jobs.
  6. devaska1

    devaska1 Mentor

    Jul 15, 2010
    Why would they want to send out equipment that might come back in a few months or in my case weeks! That seems counterproductive and expensive for DTV. And if getting reliable equipment is a crap shoot what's the inventive to stay with DTV.
  7. MysteryMan

    MysteryMan Well-Known Member DBSTalk Club

    May 17, 2010
    Effective Writing: Who, What, When, Where, How and Why. Keep your statements short and to the point. I had to read your post twice to fully understand you. Second: The HR22/100 is a good receiver. I've had one since December 09. Third: DirecTV "relies" on suppliers and contractors for installations and service. It's not a perfect world. S*** happens! Contact DirecTV, keep them imformed and they will do right by you. I've been a customer since 1995! Good luck with your next appointment and give us a follow up.
  8. boba

    boba Hall Of Fame

    May 23, 2003
    What did Comcast give you to use a NEW DVR or a REFURBISHED did you complain about their reman? Yes you have problems and it is probably a defective reman, but 3 weeks before a complaint? Don't blame D* blame devaska1, also you have a H24 not a HR24 the R stands for RECORDER.:)
  9. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Hall Of Fame

    Mar 18, 2007
    You guys are being a little harsh on the OP, don't you think? Yeah it was a tough read, but if we jump on everyone's grammatical errors here, that's all we'd ever discuss.

    Now, regarding the HR22, if it really takes 10 seconds per command (which I doubt), then something is wrong. All of the HR2x receivers (except for the HR24) do experience some lag, but nothing like 10 seconds.
  10. hasan

    hasan Well-Known Member

    Sep 22, 2006
    Ogden, IA
    There are rare times where halting for 5-7 seconds does happen on my HR20-700. I don't think it ever got to 10. If the processor is overwhelmed by other tasks that have higher priority, it can happen. Most of the time, my HR20-700 is quite snappy. There are other times when it will "choke". This is evident with either eSATA or internal drives.

    It's not often enough for me to do anything about it, as I fully enjoy the performance of the HR20-700. When it comes time to replace it, I'd like a little more processing horsepower.:)
  11. carl6

    carl6 Moderator Staff Member DBSTalk Club

    Nov 15, 2005
    Seattle, WA
    Welcome to the forums and to DirecTV.

    It is unfortunate you got a bad DVR, however your DVR is not representative of the HR22-100 (or other DirecTV DVRs). I have two HR22-100s and have had no problem with them at all.

    I'm sure once you get the issues you have resolved, you will find the DirecTV experience to be very enjoyable.

    As to cost of DVRs and refurbs, my experience with Comcast was that I always got refurbed equipment (they lease just as DirecTV does). While DirecTV does charge an up-front cost, Comcast charges much higher monthly rates for DVRs. In my case it only took a few months to recover the initial costs.
  12. john18

    john18 Active Member

    Nov 21, 2006
    First, :welcome_s to DBSTalk. You will find that many folks here will try and help/guide you with any problems or questions that you might have.

    Hopefully you will have a better experience today. Take time and show the tech the issues and work with him to resolve the issues. I suspect that if you do indeed get a HR24 that most of your complaints will be resolved, but the key is to work with the installer and make sure he sees any issues.

    If you indeed have 10 second delays in doing things with the box that does seem outside the norm and should be addressed.

    Please let us know how it went.
  13. Manctech

    Manctech Icon

    Jul 5, 2010
    I think you guys need to cut the op some slack. While a couple paragraphs would have helped I read just fine on my iPod. It does sound like your DVD is having hard drive issues. I promise 99% of refurbs work just fine. If they didn't my service on service record would be above 1%. I'm sorry you had a bad experience but I would try and call the installer back and see if he can bring another. It looks bad on us techs when someone has to come out on service within 30days and it isn't his fault. (don't get me started on charge backs)
  14. devaska1

    devaska1 Mentor

    Jul 15, 2010
    Point taken folks! I apologize for my run on rant. Thanks for all your input mostly helpful, and it makes me feel a little better hearing that I must have just gotten a bum DVR. I never bothered to look at my comcast DVR to see if it was a refurb unit probably because it just worked. I just noticed this morning that even when watching live TV the picture is glitchy and jumpy! I hope my appt this afternoon takes care of this.
  15. joed32

    joed32 Hall Of Fame

    Jul 27, 2006
    You didn't say whether the HR22 was a refurb or not. If it was it would have a sticker on the bottom that says so. I have had refurbs that lasted for years with no problems and new units that didn't work right out of the box. They are supposed to give you a unit that works, if your DVR doesn't they must replace it with one that does work. There is no obligation to give you a particular model. I hope you get your HR24 and are happy with it there have been complaints about an audio problem with some of them. I have HR20s and 21s and am very happy with them while others have had problems, anyway good luck and enjoy all of the great programming.
  16. devaska1

    devaska1 Mentor

    Jul 15, 2010
    Yeah my HR22 is a refurb, and I know it's not an issue with ma signal strength all 90s, so I'm keepin my fingers crossed here in Saint Paul. Thanks for all the advice folks.
  17. dcandmc

    dcandmc Legend

    Sep 24, 2008
    Yes he did.

  18. MysteryMan

    MysteryMan Well-Known Member DBSTalk Club

    May 17, 2010
    No need to apologize. We understand your fustration. As I stated in my reply post DirecTV will do right by you. Please give us a folow up after today's appointment.
  19. billsharpe

    billsharpe Hall Of Fame

    Jan 25, 2007
    I'll agree that you're leasing the DVR, BUT DirecTV should send you something that works, not "whatever they want." :nono:
  20. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Hall Of Fame

    Mar 18, 2007
    Me too!!

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