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    Does anyone know a reliable source for what locals will be carried?
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    I will be SHOCKED if E drops any citys. The space is available. Removing locals would give DBS a black eye, bring abut legal action, and be used by oponents of the merger. Never happen....
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    Over at Broadcast Channels forum at DBForums I wrote my response I got from

    He said almost every station in markets Dish carries has requested mustcarry.

    Philadelphia, I know the DBS pen. rate is low due to Comcast SportsNets unavailability, so Dish may temporarily cease it I dont know. Lot of stations have requested carriage on top of this.

    For NY Market: I've called stations and I know now that WXTV 41 (Univision), WMBC 63 and NJN will be on both providers, and for Washington DC market they're getting 2 NBCs!! WHAG 25 (NBC) from Hagerstown MD and WRC 4 (NBC) already carried. Same like here for DirecTV WMGM 40 (NBC) will be most likely added to Philly LIL on DirecTV, not Dish though when I asked engineer.

    Still no NBC for Baltimore on Echostar.

    No ABC for Nashville yet.
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    What is your source for DC news?

    What about Channel 14 in Arlington, Va and PBSes
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    I called WHAG 25 up. Asked for engineering dept. I have done this with most stations here, or emailed them. I dont know of any other way of finding out.

    Dish and DirecTV arent giving specific stations yet. Even when I asked. But if you email or use DirecTV's feedback they do admit that there'll be stations added come January.

    If you email Q&, they'll tell you nothing! :rolleyes:

    They wont even admit of a mustcarry upcoming. So try, and see what response you get.
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    Did the engineers over at TV 40 say why they will not be on Dish? Here in central Atlantic County, I have noticed there to be many Dish Network dishes, and with NBC 40 being the only true LOCAL news source, I am surprised that they wouldn't want carriage on Dish. Channel 40's transmitter is way down in the Avalon area, and a viewable picture isn't even possible without a large outdoor antenna around here!
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    Call them up, and find out. When I asked, they said only DirecTV... Same with WLVT 39 (PBS). They anticipate carriage for DirecTV.

    WWAC 53 will be on both Dish and DirecTV. You have to call WWAC before 4pm. They dont have a newscast but have weather inserts. I get WWAC and WWSI from Atlantic City here on Comcast Garden State Cable.

    For WMGM its more a financial burden. WWAC provides fiber to all the cable systems in South Jersey even up in Burlington & Camden Counties so can afford doing same with Dish and DirecTV whose Philadelphia POP is same distance.

    WWSI which broadcasts in Tuckerton and at full power sends a grade B signal to Philadelphia so could even use outdoor antennas at POP if they wanted to.
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    Well, it seems that there is some sort of gag order in Indianapolis area as to which stations will be carried. They, the local stations not already on DISH or DirecTV, say to check with my satellite provider. Also, one station which is sort of a sub-market of Indianapolis (Channel 18 in Lafayette) said that they expect to be carried.

    Anybody hear any thing on the Indianapolis stations?
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    Sorry I haven't heard any news on locals in Indianapolis, but one of the main reasons that I switched to Directv from Dish Network here in Wisconsin was because Dish didn't offer the local channels. It's kind of funny because there are even smaller niche markets than Milwaukee that get their local channels. Well, I'm sure Dish will get their act together soon, but for now I'm happy with my locals on Directv. I do miss the super stations though :( (
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    I expect they will indeed be carried, at least in parts of the Indy DMA, but I have some curious questions.

    I know CBS programming probably wouldn't be blacked out on WLFI because it's co-owned with WISH CBS Indianapolis. We get both WISH and WLFI here in Kokomo, IN on cable. There are no blackouts on either station.

    However - what will happen to the extremely large amount of syndicated programming carried on WLFI?

    WLFI carries several syndicated shows that are already carried elsewhere in the Indy DMA due to the fact that they are (in theory) only getting syndex rights to those shows for the Lafayette (Tippecanoe County) DMA.

    Perhaps the syndicated material that isn't also carried by WISH will be "blacked out" in some fashion? If I had to guess, I'd bet on some form of WISH's L.W.S. local weather station being substituted in during those times. Perhaps a version that also, occasionally, shows the doppler radar based at WLFI rather than just the one in Indianapolis. Or, I guess, they could fill it with paid programming and/or additional CBS news or reruns.

    To be honest, I am not affected much by WB4's decision to not be on Dish. Here in Kokomo we have a co-owned simulcasting station on UHF 29 that puts a city grade signal into my area.

    It occurs to me that since we aren't getting a WB affil here in Indy DMA, we will probably get UPN 23 because it's Viacom owned, and Dish certainly seems to get along well with Viacom.
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    We will be getting most all of the Indianapolis DMA stations, with the exceptions being WTTV 4, and possibly the IU, Butler and Ball State PBS stations. I have contacted most all of the stations and it seems some are not aware of the must-carry situation. But there are atleast 3 channels which will be added to the Indy locals for DISH and DirecTV. WTTV 4 said they are still in neg. with DISH and hope to have a plan worked out before December. But this conflicts with what Charlie had stated on the Chat this last Monday.
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    I have compiled information from many sources and come up with THIS PAGE[ on the EKB. If anyone has any additional information or corrections, let me know. I do know that quite a few HSN stations will be chainging their call letters and affiliations soon.

    See ya
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    Detroit is my DMA and I wonder about some of the stations. Both Dish and DirecTV carry the ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC affiliates. Here is what else I'm anticipating:

    Currently: WXYZ (ABC); WWJ (CBS); WJBK (Fox); WDIV (NBC).

    More Locals (but not sure which want must-carry): WKBD (UPN); WDWB (WB); WPXD (PAX); WADL (Ind)--shows Fox Kidz and "Passions," the NBC soap not carried on Detroit's affiliate; WTVS (PBS).

    One more thing: Cable companies around Metro Detroit usually carry a secondary PBS affiliate (either WFUM in Flint, Michigan, or WGTE from Toledo, Ohio). What is local carriage/must-carry policy? (Any different?)

    Anyone have anything to say, I'd appreciate it.
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    What about the CBC, Global TV, SRC, CTV, TVO that come in from Ontario, Canada and are easily availble Over the Air in Detroit?
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    SE Michigan:

    The satellite providers are probably not obligated to carry any stations from outside the U.S. That means, for Detroit DMA, they probably won't carry -- from Windsor, Ontario -- CBET (CBC) or CICO (TV Ontario).
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    I checked out the link. I like the information and appreciate it. However, my being in the Detroit market, I imagine a lot of the stations will want must-carry. So far, you've indicated that WDWB (WB) will be added to Dish buy Jan. 1, 2002. Seems WKBD (UPN) would be, too.

    Maybe I'm jumping ahead.

    One thing I want to point out: In your list of possible DMAs that might be added once the merge happens -- it will! -- do you suppose the listing might be too many (seems like you have an awful lot)?
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    The list of "Possibles" came right off my TV screen during the last Charlie Chat. It looks like an awful lot of TV channels! :) I'm just glad its a ways off. I am pretty sure I'm FINALLY finished making sure I have all the channels in their right DMAs. There are about a dozen different web sites I used to cross reference (I put Links on the best 4 in the page). Anyway, changing "Not Available" to "Must Carry" or whatever is a snap!

    As to the UPN in Detroit, I want to err on the side of caution. Chances are it will go up in the next month or so, but no one has didinitively said so. (Station e-mail, letter, reliable hear-say (if there is such a thing!), etc.

    See ya

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