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L213 OTA Bugs Thread

Discussion in 'Other HD Receiver Support Forum (811, 921, 942)' started by Mark Lamutt, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. Mar 9, 2005 #121 of 150

    bleazenb Cool Member

    Mar 9, 2005
    After a hard reboot of the 921 I have lost all OTA progam info for every OTA digital channel. Before the hard reboot today, I had all that information on every channel?? Any ideas??
  2. boylehome

    boylehome Hall Of Fame/Supporter

    Jul 16, 2004

    For several days now, I have observed on both my 921's a greenish colored bar that flashes at the top of my screen only when I have CBSHD tuned-in. This is off satellite 148 channel 9484. It only happens when programs are in HD. The greenish bar extends all the way across the screen and is about 3" to 4" thick and is about 6" to 8" below the top of the screen. The frequency of the flash is about every three minutes but the occurrences are not static, and happen at different times.

    On recorded programs, I skip back before the flash to see if it is in the recording. It will reappear every time. The flash is recorded. If I do Frame by Frame, I do not see the flash. It must be very fast and between frames. I have tried to use my digital camera to capture the flash for this post but I can not capture it with my camera. I even did the movie feature on my digital camera, no luck!

    I've talked to E* advanced tech. support, they have no clue?

    The remaining HD channels that I receive on 148 have no problems.
  3. Grandude

    Grandude RichardParker II

    Oct 21, 2004
    I can't recall seeing that yet, but will watch for it now.
    Last night I again had the missing center channel on CBSHD. Switched to the SD version and the sound was fine. Then switched to Comcast and CBS was just fine. Now I am wondering if this is a Dish problem or a 921 problem? Very annoying to say the least. Has happened numerous times and I don't believe that I am the only one with the problem.
    Happened when trying to watch CSI.
  4. boylehome

    boylehome Hall Of Fame/Supporter

    Jul 16, 2004
    Yes, Center channel was extremely low on the King of Queens. I see it was broadcast in DD5.1. I've noticed that CBSHD seems to have trouble with the center channel on other programs that are DD5.1.
  5. knealy

    knealy Legend

    Jul 5, 2002
    I recorded CSI HD as well and it is indeed missing the center dialog channel. Interestingly, the ads which are not Dolby come through fine. I ended up turning on the Closed Captioning and watching it that way. I felt like Gil. Eight minutes into it the center channel turned on. My bet is that CBS screwed up.

    Keith Nealy
  6. balcy

    balcy New Member

    Dec 1, 2004
    I noticed that a few weeks ago with CSI Miami. I had recorded it but on playback all I could hear was background sounds (very irritating). I never thought about it being a missing center channel as I only have a 2 speaker setup. I thought it was a problem with the HD on CBS since it only happened once.
  7. Rory

    Rory Cool Member

    Dec 14, 2004
    Same thing happened with NUMB3RS on OTA CBS (WWL-HD) last night. No center channel for the opening scenes, until the commercials. Rest of the program was OK. This is a problem at the source. It seems to happen with all three of the CSI shows, NCIS and NUMB3RS.

    I switched to my Sony's internal ATSC tuner and noted the same problem.
  8. ebaltz

    ebaltz Hall Of Fame

    Nov 23, 2004
    Its your local station, we had the same issue in Phoenix until the local CBS affliate figured out that they had forgotten to flip the switch at the station from 2 channel to 5.1
  9. knealy

    knealy Legend

    Jul 5, 2002
    Yeah, the locals might be doing this too, but the CBSHD feed from DISH is where others of us got it. The whole HD thing is still in its infancy and there are a lot of broadcasters who still haven't figured it out.
  10. William_K_F

    William_K_F Legend

    Apr 20, 2002
    This is still an issue with L212.
  11. Hound

    Hound Icon

    Mar 20, 2005
    Two Philadelphia OTA stations are very hard to tune in. I was finally able
    to scan them in after getting a much stronger amplifier on my outside
    Winegard 9095 directional antenna. Channel 12 WHYY broadcasting on 55
    www.whyy.org PBS affiliate and Channel 29 WTXF broadcasting on 42 www.fox29.com FOX affiliate. The signal bounces all around from 50 to 70.
    Sometimes it goes to 0. The antenna installer thinks that it is a problem with
    my DVR 921. He said that other receivers hold the signal. I get these channels
    then they break up and I lose the screen. Then it comes back and I lose it again.
    The installer thought that the DVR was losing the channels and they should
    be rescanned in. But it would lose them again. The main channel 12 PBS station
    scanned in as 12-2, not 12-1. The sub station scanned in as 12-1. Also, the
    two stations scanned in as 55-1 and 55-2, the UHF frequency. I have the 212
    software and boot 150B.
  12. Apr 1, 2005 #132 of 150

    BobMurdoch Hall Of Fame

    Apr 24, 2002
    Hound, where are you in Central NJ? I'm highly interested i trying to get the WTXF signal as that would get my wife Eagles games in HD in the fall.

    Unfortunately, I thought I would have to get an antenna just a little smaller than a SETI satellite dish to pull in a usable signal.........
  13. Hound

    Hound Icon

    Mar 20, 2005
    I am in Princeton on the northernmost edge near the county line. My primary motivation in getting the Winegard 9095 antenna was
    also to get the Eagles games in high definition. None of the Philadelphia
    locals, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, UPN, FOX or WB are available in Princeton
    in High Definition either on cable or satellite. If you want to watch football
    in Princeton in high def, you have to watch the Giants or Jets. The WTXF
    signal is weak. I spoke with the station engineer and WTXF just got FCC
    approval to build a higher transmitter and increase the signal strength. But
    it will not be ready until 2007. My antenna is only about 3 or 4 feet above my
    chimney. To get better reception, I would have to raise my antenna at least
    10 feet. But to install my antenna, it took a 40 foot ladder to get up my chimney.
    My roof is too steep to stand on. The antenna installer will not raise the antenna.
    So I am stuck with a bouncing signal until 2007. I suggest to get WTXF in Brielle, that you install a Winegard 9095 antenna with a strong amplifier, with guide wires, at least 10 feet above the highest point on your house
    Brielle, I believe is further from the signal than Princeton. But all areas are different.
  14. MQuinn

    MQuinn Cool Member

    Apr 18, 2005
    KGO in the SF Bay Area 7-01 - shows 107 signal strength, but no picture or sound.
    Another OTA tuner on the same antenna sees a great picture.

    In addition, if you tune to 7-02, instead of getting the subchannel, you actually get 11-01, which is our NBC station.

    My information:
    Dish DVR921 #66889077
    Boot Version: 150B
    Flash Version: F054
    SW Version: L213HEED-N
  15. jventre

    jventre Cool Member

    Apr 29, 2004
    Over the weekend I lost WJLA and WUSA, the ABC and CBS affiliates in Washington, DC and have not been able to get them back. Scanning for them does not find them. I posted this a separate problem in the 921 problem forum.
  16. boylehome

    boylehome Hall Of Fame/Supporter

    Jul 16, 2004
    If you haven't, try deleting the KGO digital channels and then re-add them. Funny thing, our local ABC affiliate, KRCR 07-01 pretty much did the same thing but then, the signal started going from 100 to 0 and back then nothing. It is still off the air. I spoke to the chief engineer who said that they are having microwave problems.
  17. knealy

    knealy Legend

    Jul 5, 2002
    7-01 comes in normally for me in Alameda, CA (SF Bay area). Also 7-02 shows a different program in SD but still ABC. I can't get 11-01. Wish I could. It's been my experience that these stations come and go, or broadcast at less than full power. I have called a couple of the stations from time to time and they have confirmed that their signal has gone down.

    I think we're in the development stage of DTV and there are lots of glitches all along the transmission routes. Some are at the broadcaster's end, some at Dish's end, and some at our receiver's end. It's apparently going to take a few years for all this to settle down and get all the wrinkles out. It's frustrating for those of us who have seen its potential and want it to work glitch free, but it's increasingly complex and is rather amazing that it works at all.
  18. boylehome

    boylehome Hall Of Fame/Supporter

    Jul 16, 2004
    I check daily to see if my 921's have rebooted so to avoid inevitable problems that seem to accrue without this reboot. My HECD 921 has not done an auto reboot since Saturday, April 23. My HEED 921 has auto rebooted faithfully. I tried a power cord reboot but didn't fix. Any know causes and is there a cure?
  19. jergenf

    jergenf Godfather

    Mar 31, 2005
    With the 921 you really need a signal strength of at least 75 to lock in. It may be that the station is not transmitting at full power yet. Try adding a preamp to your Winegard antenna or possibly try re-positioning it. The digital OTA tuner in the 921 is not as sensitive as some set top boxes might be.

    As for 12-2 being the main PBS channel (same feed as analog 12) that's most likely correct. In my location (Rochester NY) 21-4 is the main feed and 21-1 is PBS-HD also 21-2 PBS-Kids and 21-3 PBS-You. These subchannels are not really different channels like many people assume. It's all one channel just that the station is sending multiple programs in a single data stream (aka multicasting). The nummeric assignments are controlled by the station not the 921. As you stated yourself you're really tuned to chan 55.
    Also if you're getting duplicate stations like 55-1 and 55-2 that might be caused by some testing the station may may doing. I was getting funny stuff like 21-6 PBS-AM or 16-1 PBS-Rfd then I wrote to the station and they admitted doing various tests during those weeks so I just deleted those useless extra channels form my list.
  20. May 1, 2005 #140 of 150

    SimpleSimon Hall Of Fame

    Jan 15, 2004
    Mine seems to have quite self-rebooting quite some time ago. :(

    I quit reporting stuff months ago - nothing I ever see gets fixed (this goes back to the L14x days), so why bother? :mad:

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