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Latest HR20 quality situation

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by Old Moe, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. Old Moe

    Old Moe Cool Member

    Jul 15, 2007
    In a couple of months my pair of HR10s are scheduled to become obsolete in terms of picking up all the new HD channels. It seems that the forums are innundated with horror stories about HR20 problems. I was wondering if anyone has any info about the reliability of the recently manufactured HR20s. If they haven't improved substantially, I am planning to just get my HD OTA with my HR10s until my contract expires and then maybe go in another direction. Any late info on the situation would be greatly appreciated.

    Old Moe
  2. jclarke9999

    jclarke9999 Godfather

    Feb 9, 2007
    I've had 1 HR20 for 8 months with no issues and just ordered another recently. The recent software upgrades have made it a stable and very usable machine, in my opinion.
  3. say-what

    say-what Active Member

    Dec 14, 2006
    New Orleans
    I have 2. One I got Nov '06 and the other replaced my HR10 in March of '07. No problems with either one.
  4. hasan

    hasan Well-Known Member

    Sep 22, 2006
    Ogden, IA
    If whatever you get has to be perfect and absolutely bug free, go another direction (nothing else you get will meet this criteria either, but you'll probably feel better having taken a pass):)

    If you get an HR20 it should do very, very well for you. I've had mine since September of last year and like it very much. It has it's quirks, and it is still in development, (which I view as a very strong asset) but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any except a person who views a DVR as "mission critical". I would not have recommended it early on to anyone but a techo-geek. Now, it should do most everyone nicely.

    Of course, there are those who will never be happy with anything. If that is your tendency, then don't get an HR20.
  5. eahmjh

    eahmjh AllStar

    Dec 2, 2006
    We have had the 1st HR20 since 1st of Dec and about a month ago got a 2nd HR20 and find the unit reliable and very stable and things like Caller ID work. Yes you can go to other service like cable but I work with a guy that has cable and their unit have their issue also. D is working very hard to make the HR20 a class act and best unit. We won't use any other service provider.
  6. davring

    davring Hall Of Fame

    Jan 13, 2007
    Had mine since Nov and it now works as well or even better than any of the D*Tivo's I have had in the past. The wife even likes it, and that is saying alot. I am sure you will enjoy it as it has a great deal of new features and designed for several upcoming ones as well.
  7. kikkenit2

    kikkenit2 Icon

    Oct 25, 2006
    As soon as they agree to trade up for free go for it. You may have to do 1 now and the other later so don't wait. You'll love the modern, fast interface. These things are stable now. You probably have to upgrade your dish also.
  8. Ken S

    Ken S RIP

    Feb 12, 2007
  9. Old Moe

    Old Moe Cool Member

    Jul 15, 2007
    In my previous post I asked if quality had improved adequately sinse the HR20 was introduced and several forum members assured me that it had. So I called the CSR and I was able to order An HR20 to replace one of my HR10s for shipping costs but was unable to get the same deal on a second unit. I guess that since this deal had to include a new two year commitment, Directv sees no reason to give a second unit for free. My question is...What have been the experiences of the forum members in getting a second HR20 for free?
  10. Old Moe

    Old Moe Cool Member

    Jul 15, 2007
  11. Racer88

    Racer88 Icon

    Sep 12, 2006
    Trust me you probably don't want to can both of your HR10's at the same time anyway. My HR10 still has to bail out the HR20's incompetence at least once a week.

    The HR20 is far better than it was at introduction no doubt, but it still has a LONG way to go.
  12. ez1putt

    ez1putt Cool Member

    Apr 21, 2007
    I've been a directv/sunday ticket subcriber since 1996. I didn't convert to HD until August 06 at which time I got an HR10. I had two ultimateTV dvrs before. I was of course wowed by the picture quality with the new setup but never completely fell in love with the Tivo interface as so many have. I got my first HR 20 in February of this year and my second in May. I have an installer coming this week to replace the original HR10 with a third HR 20. The first HR20 I got for free, the second I got for $120 with a $10/mo. credit on my monthly bill for 12 mos. The third one I'm getting for a $19.95 service charge.

    The only problem I ever had with the HR10 was the OTA dropout issue which finally got corrected by a software update. The only problem I've had with the HR20s has been with caller ID but that seems to have been corrected by the recent software update. If it weren't for the lack of dual live buffers I would take the HR20 over the Tivo hands down. Even without the DLBs I prefer the HR20s. I just like the interface and funtionality better. I think the long time Tivo users are the ones who have a problem getting over it.

    I've also read horror stories about the HR20s but I love mine. It will be a cold day in hell before I go to cable. Hope it works out for you whatever you decide.
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