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Latest news from CEDIA: What I learned

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by YakeVlad, Sep 9, 2011.

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    YakeVlad Legend

    Aug 12, 2011
    I'd like to start off by sending a thank you out to the staff at the DirecTV booth at CEDIA. They were polite, helpful, and pointed me to the appropriate person to speak with on the different topics I covered. When it was mentioned that I am a DBSTalk member they directed me to a specific staff member with whom I should speak. That individual was very helpful and patient with me as I spent considerable time mining for info and I never got a sense that they were trying to hurry me along. Now, onto the news:

    I'll break up the news items into individual posts by topic area to make for easier reading. First up: the HD GUI


    I got some new details along confirming others with which have been speculated upon in the Anticipation thread:
    • Guide data will continue to be displayed in a 1.5 hr window only. Sorry, no option to display larger timeframes.
    • October / November release, though info later in this post suggests October release more than November
    • H20's will not get the HD GUI and never will as it does not have the required specs to allow for it.

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    YakeVlad Legend

    Aug 12, 2011
    Next up is some news on the RVU front. I spoke with staff at both the DirecTV and Samsung booths on this topic. Interestingly the expert Samsung people on RVU were not sent to CEDIA, though I was assured by the folks there that Sammy continues to develop additional RVU products. The rest of the info I gathered from the folks at the DirecTV booth.


    • RVU compatibility of Samsung televisions is not limited to the 6000 series, though it is the only line with RVU enabled. Owners of other Samsung SMART TV's may see the RVU related menu options but are unable to access them at this time.
    • Enabling RVU on other Samsung SMART TV's only requires a firmware update yet to be released by Samsung. Decision on when to release such a firmware update for other models is up to Samsung, DirecTV is not a limiting factor here.
    • RVU clients (think dumb terminals, and Sammy SMART TV's) will only be able to see DVR content from the HR34 with which they are registered. They will not be able to see DVR content from other networked HR boxes.
    • A maximum of 8 RVU clients can be registered per HR34.
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    YakeVlad Legend

    Aug 12, 2011
    Plenty of good information regarding the "soon" :lol: to be released HR34. I was given a 4th quarter 2011 release date for the box, though the way it was said came off as the staff couldn't directly reveal a more specific date and that I should continue asking in other ways to get a better answer. So, I kept digging and was also told that the HR34 will not ship with the HD GUI at release, but that it will receive it via software update at the same time the existing models receive theirs. Put two and two together and that would suggest that the HR34 is already in production and on its way to release in time for installers to get at least some units in the hands of fortunate D* subs before the October/November release of the HD GUI. Topping my visit off, I got a nice demonstration and hands-on with what looked to be a finalized HR34 product in the booth.

    HR34 NEWS

    • Now 5 PIP menu display options, additional option to show sources side-by-side
    • 1TB hard drive
    • 5 tuners - maximum of 3 simultaneous streams (live-tv or DVR content) among any combination of directly connected tv and RVU clients.
    • PIP is limited to the TV which the HR34 is directly connected
    • HR34 is MRV compatible - HR34 and tv directly connected to it will be able to see DVR content from other HR boxes.
    • 3D capable and compatible
    • No fees based on number of tuners used, though it sounds like there will be some sort of fee structure. My guess is that fees will be tied to registered RVU clients (i.e. no escaping additonal leased box fees by having an RVU client instead of a set-top box).
    • Maximum of 8 RVU clients registered per HR34
    • 100 Series List limit (corrected previous statement of 50 series limit)

    On a side note I inquired as to why the D* boxes only have 1 HDMI output on them, explaining that this complicates setups for folks with A/V receivers connected to their tv systems which only want to have their A/V receiver turned on for certain content (i.e. movies, sporting events). I was told that the reason for this is that D* has to acquire a HDCP license per HDMI output on a box. Adding a 2nd HDMI output would require them to acquire and pay for an additional license on every box. D* doesn't see the demand from customers to justify going to this expense. Once again we get hosed by DRM, makes me long for the old days of analogue.

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    sigma1914 Well-Known Member DBSTalk Club

    Sep 5, 2006
    Allen, TX
    Thanks Vlad.

    I can't wait for the HR34. I'll definitely get one when available.
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    lparsons21 Hall Of Fame

    Mar 4, 2006
    Herrin, IL
    Thanks for the info and posting, it is appreciated.

    Based on what you found out about the HDGUI and the 1.5 hour window it will still show just like now, I'm no longer anticipating it so much. The HR24s that I have don't really need the performance boost that is supposedly there.

    To be honest, I never saw the need and still don't, for an HDGUI to being with. Getting a 3 hour window to me is more important. All the rest is just fluff.
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    YakeVlad Legend

    Aug 12, 2011
    Here are a few other D* tidbits I picked up info on:

    General News
    • A company named Extra Vegetables developed a driver (SHEF) for D* to enable Home Automation/Control Systems to communicate with and control D* set-top boxes (including the HR34). So far AMX, Crestron, and Control4 have use the SHEF driver to create interfaces between their systems and D* boxes. There were LCD touchscreens from each company tied into boxes at the booth. They all were capable of acting as remote controls, displaying guide information, changing channels within the guide, and interacting with the systems' macros.
    • No new info on coming HD channel additions
    • No Nomad box on display
    • Nomad details weren't available

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  7. Sep 9, 2011 #7 of 282

    RunnerFL Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2006
    Nice job YakeVlad!

    I'm really surprised the HR34 still has the 50 SL limit, especially if this is to be a single DVR solution for homes.
  8. Sep 9, 2011 #8 of 282


    Dec 11, 2006
    Long Island, NY
    Nice job YakeVlad can't wait to see some pictures
  9. Sep 9, 2011 #9 of 282

    JoeTheDragon Hall Of Fame

    Jul 21, 2008
    D* better look out on that as if cable all vid plan drops the outlet / mirroring fees then D* will end likely losing subs over that.
  10. Sep 9, 2011 #10 of 282

    Juanus Legend

    Jun 4, 2007
    Does anyone else see the discrepancy here or am I missing something? If you have 5 tuners, I would assume 5 TVs would be the max even with the max streams being 3. But why would you have a max of 8 RVU clients registered?

    You can have 8 TVs, but only three of them can watch TV at any specific time?
  11. Sep 9, 2011 #11 of 282

    dpeters11 Hall Of Fame

    May 30, 2007
    Ack, the 50 limit really changes things for me...I was hoping for one DVR to manage. I actually was expecting a bigger hard drive.

    On the HDGUI, so to confirm, it will be on HR20, just not H20? I'm good with that, I got rid of mine when MRV came out.
  12. Sep 9, 2011 #12 of 282
    Tom Robertson

    Tom Robertson Lifetime Achiever DBSTalk Club

    Nov 15, 2005
    The active client limitation is based upon the performance of the system as a whole, not the number of tuners. Three active clients plus the HR34 itself plus one recording in the background uses up all the tuners very nicely. And is about the maximum the hard drive technology likely can handle.

    The model is based on the concept that you may have 9 TVs (8 clients plus the HR34) but only 4 active at any one time.

    Of course, the big question mark is how all this is billed.

  13. Sep 9, 2011 #13 of 282

    lparsons21 Hall Of Fame

    Mar 4, 2006
    Herrin, IL
    Yep, the billing is a big question. :)

    I had considered waiting for the HR34 and/or Dish's upcoming MRV stuff, but went ahead and made the switch to D*. After reading this and watching comments made on a few other sites about both central units, I'm glad I didn't wait.

    Frankly, if D* put a unified (or even remotely viewable) to-do list in the current HDDVR/MRV setup, it would be more than good enough, imo. I love the idea of controlling the non-viewable HDDVR with my iPad, but without being able to see the todo list and/or series manager for it, it isn't all that handy.
  14. Sep 9, 2011 #14 of 282

    Juanus Legend

    Jun 4, 2007
    I feel like I am being dense, but I swear that I am tech savvy.
    So you can have three simultaneous streams of RVU PLUS a TV hooked up via HDMI? and that can watch something completely different than the three streams and one tuner dedicated to recording?

    If you can have 9 TVs, Does anyone know what happens when the 7th or 8th TV turns on? does it just have to watch something that another TV is watching? is there an error message?
  15. Sep 9, 2011 #15 of 282

    HoTat2 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 16, 2005
    HR34 News

    Any mention of how many simultaneous MRV streams are allowed between the HR34 and H/HR2X receivers over WHDVR service?

    Very nice work though YakeVlad ...
  16. Sep 9, 2011 #16 of 282

    Nighthawk68 Godfather

    Oct 14, 2004
    I am very interested in one of these HR-34 boxes, cant wait.
  17. Sep 9, 2011 #17 of 282
    Alan Gordon

    Alan Gordon Chancellor

    Jun 7, 2004
    Dawson, Georgia
    I do not believe this.

    I'm not doubting you were told this, but I have to say, this would be a huge handicap with what is essentially a whole home DVR.

  18. Sep 9, 2011 #18 of 282

    Nighthawk68 Godfather

    Oct 14, 2004
    Yeah this would be a serious handicap
  19. Sep 9, 2011 #19 of 282

    dvdmth Icon

    Jul 24, 2008
    Denver, CO
    Three active clients is the number I'd expect for five tuners. Bear in mind that, on the main TV, two tuners may be in use simultaneously if PIP is active. That would leave three tuners for use by the client devices. There is no PIP capability on the RVU clients.
  20. Sep 9, 2011 #20 of 282

    hbkbiggestfan Godfather

    May 24, 2007
    Yeah, I would like to know about this as well. Please confirm or deny HR20 HDGUI compatibility if you know.

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