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    Many years ago Dish had an issue with some locals where if the customer was not paying for the Local channel via SAT, they also could not get the OTA guide data, there was a threat of a law suit, Cease and Disest
    Dish cleared this all up using their lawyers, and now offers everyone the option of $12 off their bill if they dont get the locals. Key is , It has to be NO locals via SAT due to some weird must carry law.

    In other words, typical legal issues delaying the LCC, so sad.
    It May take a while to work through the red tape.

    TILL THEN Directv is your listening, please just sell the LCC to customers that still pay to get their Locals. Work on the those that want to save $10 later in court if needed.
    (See attached test market screen shot of the $10 savings, yes it was posted before but is hard to find)

    Local carrage gets very confusing so guessing they are just working the paper work and legal research to be sure before they release this.
    One of the NBC stations must of objected to sent a CEASE and DISEST letter. Sad it takes just one to delay this.

    P.S. any one try the Dish or Air TV LCC, they are the exact same case, one is white other is black, you will need your own USB power as the Genie does not have enough for the Dish or AirTV (all same company owned by echo star) so use a POWERED USB hub.


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    The satellite carrier can choose not to carry a station that has chosen "must carry" but they cannot deliver one station in a market separate from the other stations in the market. If one local station has priced themselves to high they can be dropped and the more affordable stations can still be carried (along with the stations choosing "must carry" and not being paid for carriage). A similar rule applies to cable.

    A satellite carrier can allow their customers to opt out of locals. Unlike cable, locals are not required to be delivered to every customer. A customer opting out would receive no locals via satellite (satellite companies cannot sell locals individually).

    EPG delivery is separate and DISH now follows the path of passing EPG for most OTA stations (not all subchannels in EPG) even when the via satellite delivery is in dispute. It is a server to DISH's customers - and I am glad that they changed their policy of not carrying EPG during disputes. DIRECTV has been making major steps forward to improve their OTA EPG and move to making via satellite locals easier to drop on a customer by customer basis.

    As with DISH, DIRECTV is not required by law to force their customers to subscribe to locals. If one or many customers opt out DIRECTV can still deliver locals to the other customers in that market. The only restriction would be if there was a contract with a station that guaranteed delivery.

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