LCD Flat Panel TV & PC setup: VGA to DVI Question

Discussion in 'Technical Talk (Closed Forum)' started by BuckeyeChris, May 6, 2005.

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    Apr 20, 2004
    Can I use a VGA to DVI adapter in the following setup/application?

    I am researching a 30" to 40" LCD flat panel TV for my employer that is going to be connected remotely to a PC (via cable locally and eventually via our network to two other remote locations). Mind you, I am not a techie/geek. I am in employee communications and our department wants to use this setup to pilot a program to broadcast important text/visual bulletins for our customer care department. Also, we want to be able to present PowerPoint slide shows and video with audio, like AVI/Windows Media files - - DVD presentations are not necessary but would be nice in the future. We already have the software in-house that's based on/uses Macromedia. We are not going to use this setup to broadcast commercial TV like DBS, cable or over the air signals.

    Our corporate office has running such a setup with one PC and a 37" Sharp Aquos TV with a VGA input. The problem is cost. This Sharp unit costs about $4K. I have found a Polaroid brand 37" LCD set for $2100 but it only has DVI input. We have about $6K tops to spend and we have to leave enough money for a vendor to come in and to the install, cabling, and possibly hire an electrician.

    Just about all LCD sets I've looked at have DVI inputs, but our PCs don't; they have VGA connectors. However, I have found a few LCDs that do have VGA connectors, so I could avoid the VGA to DVI adapter completely and recommend an LCD with a VGA input.

    I'm looking to hear what kind of drawbacks, if any, we could expect in this setup. Thanks!

    Follow-up Question: How many years of use could we anticipate if we went with a plasma screen? This unit will be on 8 - 12 hours a day, 5 days a week (not on weekends). We also would have the capability of running a screensaver during the day, but the image will be changing constantly so burn-in shouldn't be a probelm. Some of the LCD sets have a half life of 50,000 to 60,000 hours. In our setup, could we expect the same from a plasma but only operating for a measured time each day?
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    Chris, what you might want to look at is one of the Samsung DLPs. I've got one of the large size sets, but it has separate inputs for PC, DVI, S-Video, Components and I would expect their smaller sets to provide similar flexibility. Their web site should have the info. you need. These sets are very cool. You'll have a bulb to replace every few hundred hours, but that should be about it.

    Good luck! John

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