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Lethal scheduling

Discussion in 'TV Show Talk' started by AntAltMike, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. AntAltMike

    AntAltMike Hall Of Fame

    Nov 20, 2004
    Lethal Weapon 4 is on TBS right now. Lethal Weapon 3 is showing on A&E. I just can't believe that it is to the benefit of these two channels to simultaneously run these movies against one another.
  2. SayWhat?

    SayWhat? Know Nothing

    Jun 6, 2009
    I can't believe anyone would watch either one of them.
  3. trainman

    trainman Hall Of Fame

    Jan 9, 2008
    They're not co-owned, so I guess they're not in the habit of checking each other's schedules.

    There's an ongoing scheduling situation in Australia that I discovered when I was there earlier this year: a cable channel shows "The Simpsons" weeknights at 5:55, and an over-the-air channel shows "The Simpsons" weeknights at 6:00. So if you have cable, you can tune in at 5:55 and have a full 5 minutes to decide whether or not you like that episode, and whether you want to flip to the other one.
  4. paulman182

    paulman182 Hall Of Fame

    Aug 4, 2006
    Certainly not on a channel that edits and puts in commercials.

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