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Let's register, come on guys #'s

Discussion in 'Archive' started by -, Oct 25, 2001.

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    First and foremost I would like to thank Chris Blount for this board that he has provided for us to use.

    Secondly, I would like to thank Markdl, Scott Greczkowski, and Steve Jay Shem for their part as moderators.

    Now down to the business at hand.

    What is on my mind?

    I have been a part of this board pretty much since the beginning. or close to the beginning I think.

    During this time I have watched the numbers of posts steadily grow from a very few to a moderate amount. I read the posts every day that I can and do have access to a computer. just to see what is going on.

    We all learn more about DBS and what is going on in the industry from posts that are posted here and in other forums. I have learned a great deal from you guys and gals that post informative information here.

    Now to the part that does bother me.
    In checking the last few days DBS TALK now has 119 registered members. I just registered myself.
    DBS Forums has 1767 members.

    I know that DBS TALK is relatively new, compared to DBS Forums and that could account for a big difference in the numbers.
    Also the fact, that is is not necessary to register to post here. Although I do appreciate the fact that we do not have to register to post, I do feel that if we would register those numbers would rise dramatically.

    I procrastinated for quite a while and thought. What is the big deal Lucille?
    I can register under any user name that I choose to use.
    Registration is free.
    I can still read any time without my user name if I so choose.
    I would really encourage everyone to register. Let' s see just how high those numbers can rise to. Let's see just how big a difference the number of members there actually is between forums.

    I felt to Really show Chris and the Moderators that I do appreciate them and the forum that Registering my user name would help to show the appreciation.

    The more members the better
    More members= more posts
    More posts= More information passed between posts
    More information = Better informed we all are of DBS
    related news and tips.

    By registering, it does show that you are interested in the information that you are currently receiving by reading posts. I
    By registering here does not show that you are defecting from the other forums, but that you are part of this forum also.

    I read from both forums and have learned alot from both of them.


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    Wow...first, thanks for the kind words, snagel. Chris, Scott, Steve and I work very hard (more goes into the running of this place than many of you may realize) to make DBSTalk an enjoyable place to be for the readers.

    Chris' original philosophy was to have a forum that is less restrictive to post subjects than the other forums (DBSForums, AVSForums, etc.) We want this place to be somewhere you can come and kick back, talking about whatever you want to talk about. Hence the Potpourri forum and the War on Terrorism Forum. Completely non-DBS related, but very useful. Part of the less restrictive nature is the fact that the users don't have to register accounts to take part. This philosophy remains in effect, and isn't going to change in the foreseeable future.

    On the other hand, we'd love to see the 400 or 500 users that actively take part every day (we have a lot of lurkers based on usage reports) register just so number of users at the top of the page is more indicative of the number of users that actually read and post. There are definite advantages to registering - you get to see what forums and threads have new posts in them and you get to see what the "hot topic" threads are. Registration doesn't cost you anything, and if you're careful when you register, you won't get any of the spam that EZboards like to send your way :)

    Like I said, we have no intention of forcing users to register. That's not what we're about. But registration does benefit both of us, so think about it, if you would.
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    Thanks snagel, your kind words mean alot to this board and to its readers. I wish too that more people would become regestered members, but thats their choice and freedom to resgister and that what this board is all about, freedom! Some discussions result in heated debates but people get the chance speak their minds and present everyone with a unique point of view.

    Chris has done a wonderful job creating this forum and Im sure he spends a lot of time making this place the best it be. Chris, Mark, Scott and I also spend a lot of time moderating. Im thankful to say that we havent had anything too serious to deal with. This shows a lot about the overall general charactor of our members. Again thanks snagel and I encourage everyone to register and as Mark said be carful when you resister to uncheck all the boxes that have to do with spam.

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    Well, there really isn't too much more to say. Mark and Steve pretty much covered it. Again, thanks for your kind words Snagel. Running one of the these boards can be pretty frustrating and feeback such as yours helps.
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    Thanks for the kind words.

    Another thing registering does is it allows you to see what forums have new messages in them without having to open each forum to check.

    I am also hoping that in the future EZboard will have an option so that people can run polls that only registered users can vote in, this way we can bring down some of the ballot box stuff we have seen in the past from non registered users.

    Thanks again for the kind words!

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    I (think) I just finished registering, and it is a somewhat confusing and tedious process, and reminds me of the signup with Iwon. After signing up with Iwon I got tons of junk mail from their "partners". Eventually, I figured out that I had to opt-out to stop some of the unwanted attention.

    Perhaps some of us have started to register, and then stopped the process because it was a hassle:
    1. I couldn't use my regular sign in name, possibly because the existing list is a big national multi-board list.
    2. I couldn't use my regular sign-in password, since it had to be at least 6 characters long.
    3. I had to go through a couple of extra pages of information that was unrelated to this forum.
    4. The 'marketing" flag always goes up when they ask about annual income.

    Nonetheless, I'm here.

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