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Local Channels on 105 Satellite

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by dclay1216, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. dclay1216

    dclay1216 Cool Member

    Dec 5, 2005
    I have a co-worker that will signing up for Dish Network in the next week or so. He currently has cable television and is tired of the poor picture quality that he is getting. He will be getting the Dish HD Silver package with local channels. Our local channels are on the 105 satellite, however, most all of the other programming (including the new HD channels) are on 110, 119, and 129. This will require the Dish 1000, but also the SuperDish for the locals. Is this correct? Is E* going to move the locals on 105 over to one of the other satellites anytime soon? His main concern is having two dishes instead of just one. Thanks for any help or insight.
  2. Mikey

    Mikey Hall Of Fame

    Oct 26, 2004
    No way around the two dishes for now. Maybe when Dish puts another satellite with spot beams up at 110 they can move some locals over from 105 and 121.
  3. alebowgm

    alebowgm Hall Of Fame

    Jun 12, 2004
    Most locals on 129 are a mirror of locals on a different dish (last time I checked). So they still may be at 105 or 121. The HD content is on both 61.5 and 129. You can go and get a SUPERDISH 105 for the 105/110/119 locations, with a Dish300 (or 500) pointed at 61.5 and/or 129. It is a 2 (or 3) dish solution but will allow you to get locals on 105, HD on 129 (or 61.5) and main content and 110/119.

    It gets more tricky if you also want some international stations not available at 61.5/148 and only at 121, at which point you will need a Superdish 121 pointed only for the 121.

    Now this is all assuming you are Dishpro technology.

    If you are legacy, you can go Dish1000 with a Dishpro to Legacy adapter combined with a Primestar Dish pointed at 105 or 121.
  4. larrystotler

    larrystotler Hall Of Fame DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jun 6, 2004
    Eh? You would have to use ALL legacy with a P* dish. Now, since it is a new install, they would always use DP.

    dclay1216 - What locals market are you in? You can also check the EKB at


    Which should show you whether your market is a D1000 market. Or, call a local retailer and they will tell you.
  5. dclay1216

    dclay1216 Cool Member

    Dec 5, 2005
    This would be a new install with the DPP equipment. It lists all of our local stations as being on satellite 105. I was just curious as to whether anybody had heard anything about this being an issue. I spoke with an Dish installer a few weeks ago and he stated that the SuperDish technology is not the greatest in the world and a lot of customers have had problems with signal strength and intermittently losing the local channels. I assumed that E* had something in mind for customers that have locals on the 105 satellite rather than installing two separate satellite dishes for a new customer install. It doesn't sound very economical and I'm sure that a lot of customers would rather not have two dishes on their house, in their yard, etc.
  6. ColoradoDBS

    ColoradoDBS AllStar

    Jul 5, 2005
    It will be two dishes - E* is very used to doing this. You will have a 105 SD for 119/110/105 and a wing dish pointed only at 61.5 or 129 depending on where you are for HD. As far as the superdish goes, its not that bad, just make sure they put it somewhere you can access it - i.e. on a pole or porch and not your roof. A place it can be shaded if helpful too, although the heat issue is less of a problem the the newer generation of superdishes.
  7. trido

    trido AllStar

    Nov 7, 2004
    My locals are also on 105 you wont use a dish 1000 cause it has 129 unless something has changed.

    You will have like me a SUPER dish 105 for 105,110,119
    then you need a small dish like 500 or 61.5 for HD.

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