LOCAST attempts no cost OTA streaming solution

Discussion in 'Internet Streaming Services' started by 1948GG, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Tripped over these folks a few days ago; they believe that by using a 'loophole' in the federal law that they can stream broadcast OTA channels into DMA's around the country through the internet.

    Of course, this has been tried before to crash and burn results at the federal court level. But those who have had experience with community tv repeater systems, as long as it's done as a non-profit digital repeater it fits neatly within the law going back 80 years.

    Of course, it still costs $, but just like community repeaters they use a donation system to fund their operation. Cities currently serviced are by, Boston, Washington DC, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Denver.

    One big missing component I noted in looking at their scheme was the lack of subchannels. So in that respect, they are no better than the satellite folks (that rarely carry any) and significantly poorer than the cable alternatives. I took a look at the OTA to digital streaming equipment on the market, and sets that take a complete atsc 8-channel broadcast to a digital stream is only slightly more $ than a unit that takes a 'main' or single stream to digital, so it appears to me that these folks aren't doing enough thinking in advance, and when folks take a look at what they give up vrs cable (in my case almost 30 channels, many of which I watch every day) that it will be the 'thin edge of the wedge' of potential users/donors.

    FYI, I live some 100+ miles out from the main city in my dma, and the local community here has a community repeater that 'translates' the CBS and fox affiliates, but not the ABC, nbc, two PBS, or 6 independent stations, or any subchannels. I do get all the channels/subchannels over streaming through xfinity/comcast 'instant tv' streaming service, <$20/month. If Locast came to my dma, provided the same level of service for a $5/month donation, I'd jump at it. But unless they relook at their operational model, I doubt they will.
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    If Locast is available, then are they available in the whole DMA, or just the metro area?
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    AFAIK it is the entire DMA. I am well outside of the Philadelphia metro area but still within the DMA and Locast works fine. One tip for anyone interested in Locast and using a streaming device. Their is a free app (unless you want/need DVR service from them) that includes Locast as a "provider" - FitzyTV. The UI still needs some polish but does include a guide.
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    There are several low-power translator groups that have been in existence for well over 60+years that would come unglued (along with their political friends that have been cultivated over those years). It would be an interesting fight, but I dont think it will happen. But in my opinion, again, the lack of subchannels is a major downer.

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