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Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by slice1900, Sep 2, 2021.

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  1. slice1900

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    Feb 14, 2013
    In the wake of an unfavorable court ruling, Locast is shutting down. So I guess Directv won't be able to suggest people go there if they lose their locals in a dispute in the future. Maybe more incentive for them to dust off the LCC and give it a more prominent role?

    I don't think the ruling really stops future attempts from a non-profit trying what Locast did, since the court didn't say that all such attempts are in violation of the law. They just can't cut corners in how they act as a non-profit retransmitter as Locast did. As I understand it, there were three potential serious issues the court had with what Locast was doing.

    1) They were getting pretty aggressive in asking for "regular donations", which is tantamount to a subscription fee. If they just let people donate on their own schedule in lump sums, or not at all if they wanted to freeload, they would have avoided this issue.

    2) The fundraising appeals were interrupting programming only for people who hadn't donated, making it less a donation and more like a required fee - i.e. pay up or we will keep annoying you with these messages. They had a further issue as they're supposed to carry the programming unaltered to get the copyright exception for non-profit use, which those fundraising interruptions violated.

    3) They used an excess of donations in some markets to subsidize other markets, as well as entry into new markets. Apparently they should be treating each market as separate entities donation wise and not mingling funds.

    If someone tried this and did say a Kickstarter campaign where they say "OK we need $x to get our basic setup done, and then $y per DMA" and started service once they reached that initial goal and added DMAs as each one reached its goal then they'd act like how the companies that originally took advantage of this (community antenna systems) operated. Once you're signed up maybe they show a splash screen when you start the app before it shows programming where it says "your market has received donations of $x so far this year and needs donations of $y to continue service in the future" but doesn't act any differently for freeloaders and people who donate $1000. The broadcasters would still fight them, but they'd have a tougher case to make.
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    The English speaker in me wants to point out that "suspending" and "shutting down" are two different states entirely.
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