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LOL, ever have one like this?

Discussion in 'Laughter Is The Best Medicine' started by gov, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. gov

    gov Legend

    Jan 11, 2013
    DirecTV customer called and said both HD boxes (H24s) were 771 on all channels.

    I toodle in and go straight to the dish on a post in the back yard. Check both lines and have voltage on both. So much for thinking the lawn service cut the wires with the weed whacker!

    Then put Accutrak on line to LNB (yeah, all you rich independent installers have better stuff than I do) and have low, but not zero signal. Realize Accutrak most likely is reading 101, so all the HD is probably out.

    Start to peak the dish, and it seems maybe the mount is a little loose on the pole, but maybe it isn't, I'm breaking in a new pair of bifocals and things look a little warped sometimes, and it was warm out and I'm 55.

    Anyhow, get the Accutrak all happy, tightened the mounting bolts, and then remember I have my new kit with me, a small suitcase with a D12, H20, and a Dish 311, a 15 inch LCD, (but don't have the inverter and battery working yet) so I run a drop cord to the deck, and connect the H20 to the dish, and got to set up.

    101, 110, and 119 are great, but 99 is all zeros, I go no further. Run to the truck, and grab a known good LNB and swap out.

    Go back to set up, SD all OK, still no 99 (weird!) but I go further and 103 is great. Look up, and there is on straggly strand of tree just barely possibly messing up 99, so I grab my taller stepladder, and stretch up and manage to grab the twig, pull it down, and whack it.

    For some reason, by now, the H20 has timed out, and seems to be really confused about life, the universe and everything, but it comes around after a few well selected curse words.

    Everything is good except 99 is still all 0s.

    Phooey, and I am up on time to go to next job. Reconnect everything, load truck, and then head into the house.

    Everybody is watching TV by this time, and they all say, "You fixed it!! You're great"

    Hmmm, I went in to select all the SD duplicates so they could at least have that. I check both boxes and everything (even 99) IS fine. My rule is, when everything is working, I quit messing with it.

    Still have the touch apparently, even when it doesn't seem to be working for me any more.

    Haven't tried the H20 at home on my workshop dish, it would just kill me if the tuner has crapped out on it. Maybe the BBC is getting hinky, those things are SOOOO cheap!

    The kit is kind of a handy thing, it will be even better when the inverter is up. It does OTA too. Just nice to have a box that can do everything I need to do.

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