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Long but successful installation

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by winstoda, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. winstoda

    winstoda New Member

    Jul 25, 2010
    Yesterday I had a successful but lengthy (5 hour) Directv installation. I'm returning to Directv after two years with Fios TV. I originally left Directv because of a lack of HD content; at the time Fios was way ahead. Now that Directv has pretty much caught up the lure of Sunday Ticket combined with my patience running out on the pathetic Verizon DVR brought me back.

    I ordered 2 HD DVRs and 2 HD receivers online last week. The old deal which gave half off for a year appealed more to me than the current one because I am not interested in the package that includes all the premium channels. I ordered thru Bing and received 40% cashback on the equipment cost which was nice.

    After reading these boards I decided that if I was going to lay out $300 for equipment (before BCB) I wanted the newest and best boxes. I mentioned this in the comments in my online order realizing it was no guarantee. On installation guy my installer called me a few hours before his arrival. On that call I asked him if he'd have HR24/H24s for the install. He said he should. I mentioned it was important to me and he said he understood. So far so good.

    Upon his arrival the first thing I did was confirm he had the 24s. He did and I was very pleased. We walked around the house and he delivered the first bad news of the day - one of the rooms I was looking to have service installed in was not wired but rather was split from another outlet. He explained that wouldn't work and we decided the work around was to run a new line through the attic. This meant an extra $50 but that didn't bother me. The worst part about this was the fact it was 100 degrees outside and at least 135 in my attic. He was a good sport and went up anyway to drop the line.

    When the wiring and outside work was finally done it was time to come in to start setting up the boxes. He was very cool about letting me help out as I'm pretty proficient with this kind of stuff. After he finished activating all of the boxes/cards he tried to set up the multi-room viewing. This was a problem. The DVRs couldn't see each other and the receivers could only see one DVR. He tried a bunch of things, none of which fixed it. Finally he made a call and found out that if you have an ethernet cord plugged into the HR24 the multi-room won't work. Crazy. He suggested i just unplug the cord but I didn't want to be without VOD. So instead he installed another thingee which added a bunch of wires to the setup. But it fixed the issue.

    So now one day later I'm all hooked up. Some massive thunderstorms moved though and I lost satellite signal this afternoon. I'm hoping it's not a sign of things to come and just a one off situation. Kinda stinks that HD goes first as that's what I watch 99% of the time.

    My early impressions are that the 24 boxes are nice. Very fast. VOD is pretty great too. In fact i like it better than Verizon's even though you have to download to a DVR. Seems to be more options on Directv. Just hoping the rain issues aren't too frequent.
  2. NR4P

    NR4P Dad

    Jan 15, 2007
    Sunny Florida
    :welcome_s to dbstalk

    Hopefully you don't get too many thunderstorms like the one you described. Where I live in the south, summer storms run a few per week and the loss of signal isn't too bad or too often. Give it chance and you will likely be very happy.

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