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    Jan 4, 2006
    Having the unit powered off for an hour or so causes the HR2X to forget the key.

    I was moving my HR2X's around in my entertainment center in order to welcome my new Onkyo receiver. In doing so the WGA600N was powered down for an hour or so, along with the HR21 it was connected to. I powered everything back up, 600N first then HR21, and the HR21 had no networking capabilities. I checked the network settings thinking it was the usual deal where the DNS is changed to a 10. IP. Nope, that wasn't it. I had to re-run the wireless setup because the key was no longer entered.
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    There's some strange things on the keys.

    When I've had problems and tried to re-enter the keys, they were rejected. But removing the RJ45 and plugging it back in solved the problem once.

    Another time, after the key was requested, I just exited the setup and checked the network and it works.

    Not sure whether there really is a key loss somewhere or the communication is the problem.

    Congrats on the new receiver. Probably makes the Blu Ray sound great.

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