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Lost Ota Guide Information

Discussion in 'Other HD Receiver Support Forum (811, 921, 942)' started by seadoo, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. seadoo

    seadoo AllStar

    May 28, 2004

    Before 215 I got all my OTA information on LOCALS. Now all I get is
    'Local Programming' now whereas up until 215 I was getting my EPG info from the TRI-CITIES TN/VA locals. I just called Dish to report the problem and they couldn't help. I've tried all the normal reboots etc. Any suggestions on what is going on and what to do?

    He had me reset to factory defaults. I had told him how I rescanned all the locals when I was missing my EPG info but it still didn't help. I have rescanned my locals 3 times and rebooted several times and I STILL don't get guide data. I want 213 back.[/QUOTE]
  2. cleblanc

    cleblanc AllStar

    Dec 18, 2003
    This is exactly what's happened to me to. Word for word except that I'm in CT. I called Dish this morning and had me reset to factory defaults also. They were so clueless when I was talking to them. I have rescanned and rebooted several times and I still don't get any guide info. Yesterday I did have it. HELP!!
  3. Allen Noland

    Allen Noland New Member

    Apr 23, 2002
    Try deleting all of your local channels, reboot, then re-scan. do a switch check to force a guide download.
  4. lapplegate

    lapplegate Legend

    Jan 17, 2003
    Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, in my case, it has not helped bring in the OTA guide information.

    I have been messing with this thing since yesterday, when I got 215.

    I have waited the 24 hour period and still have the same problem.

    I have done at least 10 power boots, plug, power button and card pull. I have removed the OTAs, scanned them in and got them manually. I have checked the off air box and unchecked it. I have reset to defaults and done check switches. I have done every combination that I can think of and nothing is working.

    I had full guide data until 213 downloaded, then I lost data on 3 of my OTA channels.

    It is very disappointing to wait this long for a download, to fix what the last one broke, and get no fix.

    It is also dissappointing to hear of those that are now getting guide data without subscribing to locals, when I can't get data and I am subscribing.

    I have been very patient waiting for Dish to fix something their last download broke and my patience is now wearing thin. I have had a fairly stable box and understand there are those who have much bigger problem than just guide data loss. However that doesn't change the fact that I have been making monthly payments to Dish for data I did not and still don't receive.

    Is it possible that this is related to the local PSIP data, which would not explain why 213 removed the data.

    I hesitate to call Dish on this matter as I would most likely get someone who had no idea and would put me through the same process I have been repeatedly doing.

    Do you or Mark have any ideas on what else to do or a contact that does know?

    Thanks for all the help,
  5. langlin

    langlin Godfather

    Apr 8, 2005
    Allen, I had guide info from PBS and NBC OTA with L211, When L212 spooled, I lost the PBS but still had NBC guide info, Now that L215 has spooled, I lost the NBC OTA guide datThere is some real information missing in all this communication since L215 spooled, I lost all guide data and I subscribe to dish locals.

    I have also done power boots, plug boots, check switches, add OTA trough a scan, add them manually, checked the off air box, unchecked the off air box and every combination I could come up with and nothing helps. We need someone that understands this software to explain what is happening.
  6. langlin

    langlin Godfather

    Apr 8, 2005
    Allen and Mark, as I read through the posts on the OTA guide something becomes clear:

    The guide problem is different on each 921, this suggest to me that it is not related to a version of software but rather a problem whereby each 921 comes out of a new software download with a "random" setup for the OTA's guide. some have all, some have none, some have partial and now even some of those that don't have LIL are getting guide info on OTA. It seemes to me that someone that knows exactly how this software works could come up with a way for us to "force" a standard setup for the guide. Does this sound way off base?

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