Low Tuner 2 acquisition and No picture after running Test Suite

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by stuay, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. stuay

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    Oct 2, 2007
    As I posted earlier I have been having some signal strength issues with the 99 and 103 Sats. I went to run the system test and a weird thing happened. First of all, it passed everything, but it acquired Tuner 1 at 80%, but tuner 2 only came in at 50%. Shouldn't these numbers be the same?

    Secondly, after it ran the test my screen when dark. I was able to change channels and get the info banner, but everything underneath and below the info banner was black. A reset seemed to fix this and the picture came back. I then went to run the test again, and I first got a message saying that a test was scheduled for 10:12pm -- 10:12 was the then current time. I click on DO NOT INTURRUPT, and went back in. Same thing -- this time it said the test was scheduled for 10:13 (it was a minute after I fist went it) and asked if I wanted to inturrept it. This time I hit YES and it ran the test, and again the screen went black, and a again I had to do a reset to get the pictures back. Has anyone had these problems?

    I called D*TV and was told by the CSR that it was probable related to my signal strength issues, b/c a weak signal strength can make the reciever do weird things. Is this right?

    Anyway, I have a tech visit on Saturday (my third since upgrading from the HR10/3Lnb to the HR20/5Lnb) so hopefully, they fix it; but, frankly the last few guys they sent out didn't seem to knowledgable and more concerned with finishing up and getting to the next appointment, then sticking around and making sure everything is working right. D*TV said that they requested that a supervisor come out, but is this a quarantee that a more knowlegable and consciencious person will make the tech call? Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks!
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