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Loyalty program link

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Programming' started by rjf, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. rjf

    rjf Legend

    Mar 9, 2007
    for some reason search keeps giving me an error. does anyone know the link to the customer loyalty program? i was hoping to get showtime free for 3months but dont feel like calling and cant find the link.

  2. mcbeevee

    mcbeevee 97% Complete

    Sep 18, 2006
    Directv initiates this process by sending you a card in the mail sometime around your anniversary date. You do not get to choose the gift, the card will list what the gift is.

  3. RACJ2

    RACJ2 Hall Of Fame

    Aug 2, 2008
    In case you still want to check, here is the link: Loyalty Link
  4. rjf

    rjf Legend

    Mar 9, 2007
    well, i guess i'm not that special. they never sent anything on my anniversary and the link says i don't qualify. thanks for the info though:)
  5. erosroadie

    erosroadie Godfather

    Jan 9, 2007

    Last December, on my 5-year anniversary, they gave me Showtime free for 12 months. I don’t watch it much as I would rather have HBO (don’t subscribe to any movie channels), but it's better than a sharp stick in the eye...

  6. mcbeevee

    mcbeevee 97% Complete

    Sep 18, 2006
    You could try calling Directv and let them know you did not get the anniversary gift. Chances are usually good that they will give away 3 months of Showtime on a valid complaint like this.

  7. celticpride

    celticpride Icon

    Sep 6, 2006
    mine only says customer since 1995 but no month given.
  8. barryb

    barryb New Member

    Aug 26, 2007
    Mine says 2000, but I have copies of bills that go back to 1997.
  9. alnielsen

    alnielsen Godfather

    Dec 31, 2006
    ...- .....
    I got a card in the mail for my 10th anniversary. They are giving me $5 of my bill for 10 months.
  10. rjf

    rjf Legend

    Mar 9, 2007
    i decided to give it a shot and call. they said i didn't qualify since i had a $10 monthly discount that just lapsed last nov so i wouldn't be eligible until this nov. but then she asked me to hold on and when she came back, i got the 3months of showtime! i asked if it was an anniversary thing and she said no, i'm not eligible till nov. at that point, i figured it'd be best to shut up and take the gift, however it happened.

    sometimes it just don't feel like calling customer service but it worked out for me this time. thanks DirecTV and you all!!!
  11. Shades228

    Shades228 DaBears

    Mar 18, 2008
    Disconnecting the account for any reason will cause your activation date to change. Also if you changed account numbers that will have the same effect.
  12. Cyber36

    Cyber36 Legend

    Mar 20, 2008
    Byron NY
    Don't feel bad man. They're screwin me out of 4 yrs. loyalty :mad:
  13. AlanSaysYo

    AlanSaysYo Legend

    Aug 22, 2007
    I never got a card in the mail, but the first time I visited directv.com after entering my email address for the loyalty program, I got a message saying I was getting 12 free months of Starz. Rock on. I never did get an email about this either... I just saw the message on the D* website, changed the channel to Starz, and boom, free channels.
  14. RonH

    RonH Godfather

    Jul 25, 2007
    Thanks for Loyalty Link. I found out I am getting Showtime and TMC for free for 12 months. I got no clue how long I have been getting these channels but since my Anniversary with DirecTv is in June I guess they just started.

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