Luke Perry, 52, dead from stroke

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    Luke Perry, who most recently was in a starring role as Archie's dad on CW's hit show, "Riverdale" has died. Pick you're news source, but per TMZ "doctors had sedated Luke, hoping to give his brain a fighting chance to recover from the trauma of the stroke ... but apparently, the damage was too extensive."

    The story also reminds us:

    On '90210,' Luke starred as high school stud Dylan McKay for 10 seasons. He also had prominent roles on shows like "Another World," "Oz," "Jeremiah," "Windfall," "John from Cincinnati," and "Body of Proof."​

    For whatever reason, I was shocked by the news of his stroke. Makes me want to rewatch "Jeremiah" and "John from Cincinnati".

    RIP, Luke.
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    I had a stroke when I was 58. I am 75 now. That pic of me was taken in 2013.
    I was lucky in that it was a mild one. I lost 10% of my strength on my right side. It took awhile but I recovered from it, mostly. 1 of the things that it did to me is I can get wet eyes for the smallest thing. Before the stroke I never did that.
    Keep a check on your Triglycerides ( fat ) in your blood. It is part of your cholesterol test.
    I had no idea I was having one. My son noticed that my speech was slurred like I had been drinking and I had not drank anything in several years. My second son drove me to the ER. I walked in and told the lady that my kids said I was having a stroke. She pointed and said first room on the left. A doctor was there about as quick as I was. He checked my BP and immediately gave me a shot of something to thin my blood and a strong diuretic to get some fluid out of the veins.
    I felt stupid because I did not feel sick, even when I was in the ER.
    They did several tests to find out where the blockage was but never found anything.

    There are several signs to watch for. Look them up and pay attention to your body everyone.
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    R.I.P. Luke
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