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Ma Bell Makeover

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by Nick, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. Nick

    Nick Retired, part-time PITA DBSTalk Club

    Apr 23, 2002
    SkyBOX: Ma Bell Now "Ma Media"

    by Evie Haskell

    Got a minute? We'll give you the future of media.

    AT&T is buying Bell South for $67 billion. No ifs, ands or
    buts about that given the current climate in D.C. Likewise,
    Time Warner and Comcast are buying Adelphia. (Gene Kimmelman
    can howl all he wants in the halls of Congress; DISH and
    DirecTV can beat their chests; it's still gonna happen. Just
    like the SBC-AT&T, Verizon-MCI and Sprint-Nextel combos came
    to be.)

    With the AT&T-SBC-Bell South behemoth on the horizon, the
    cable guys are getting worried. Word is out that they're
    praying (but not really expecting) that merger headaches will
    slow AT&T's march into video. Meanwhile they're firing on all
    cylinders to get their Comcast-Time-Warner-Cox-Advance
    Newhouse plus Sprint Nextel deal up and running.

    DirecTV parent News Corp is, of course, a bit nervous seeing
    as about 70 percent of its 4Q new subs came via deals with
    Verizon, Qwest and the soon-to-be-swallowed BellSouth. DISH
    might be counting its lucky stars because its big Bell deal is
    with soon-to-be-bigger-than-anyone AT&T. But hey, DISH is a
    little guy without the fat market cap of many of its rivals so
    the last few weeks have seen rumors of just about everyone
    eyeing a possible DISH purchase.

    Meanwhile, media pundits are lining up potential post-Adelphia
    Time Warner purchases. (Cablevision and Insight are
    prominently mentioned.) Now Brian Roberts doesn't want to be
    No. 2 to anybody, so if Time Warner Cable gets bigger he might
    be tempted to eye a big stake, say, in News Corp/ (DirecTV AND
    Fox etc. programming assets... talk about staying on top!);
    Verizon's gonna be feeling a bit left out so maybe they snap
    up Time Warner Cable. Then, of course, AT&T might want to take
    a look at Cox, Rupert Murdoch could take his gung-ho internet
    strategy right into a purchase of Earthlink (which recently
    announced deals with both DirecTV and DISH); and ... you get
    the idea.

    Little fish gets swallowed by big fish gets swallowed by bigger
    fish and ... Ta da! Meet Ma Media, the ultimate
    might-makes-right market reality.

    www.SkyReport.com - used with permission
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