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Mini Genie's lose Apps and red button score guide ?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by JohnBoy, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. JohnBoy

    JohnBoy New Member

    Sep 8, 2011
    Last week I posted in a thread that my mini genies lost their ability to bring up the scoreguide via red button and right arrow push would not bring up the apps (would just get a message to check back later).Now on my main Genie HR44 everyhting worked fine.

    So I had called tech support and he had me rbr all my Genie and mini's at the same time to synch them all back together.Now this seemed to do the trick and my mini's could now get the apps and scoreguide working.

    So yesterday I noticed I got a 771 message due to a small thunder storm that passed by and lo and behold the mini genies again lost their ability to bring up the apps and scoreguide,not the HR44 as its working fine.

    So I assume that I have to go through another rbr cycle on all my stb to get them in synch again.

    So my question is,do I have to go through this nonsense of rbr all my stb at the same time everytime a 771 (storms here in CFL) shows up just to get the apps to work on my minis.

    I've tried rebooting a mini by itself and it would not bring up the apps.

    We get thunder storms daily here in CFL and see 771 daily,so Its a pain in the arse having to reboot all the time just to get apps working.

    Does anyone know another method on how to get the mini's to bring up the apps and scoreguide without having to cycle all of them all the time?

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