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Miss Cleo

Discussion in 'TV Show Talk' started by -, Feb 14, 2002.

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    You mean to tell me people actually do call these numbers ? :D

    Feb. 14 — "Miss Cleo's" psychic hot lines are "permeated with fraud," the government charged in a two-count complaint.
    Bills Can Reach $300 for One Call
    The complaint alleges that the company's "psychic readers" are trained to prolong calls to maximize the cost, and employees who do not keep callers on the line long enough are fired.
    Calls can last up to 60 minutes, the complaint alleges, resulting in bills of up to $300 at the typical rate of $4.99 a minute. :(
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    The process of keeping people on the line longer is nothing new. If you heard about those Psychic phone lines in the past any time they were investigated they found similar patterns.

    I guess the people who call up think that this one line is "The Real Thing". If the calls were limited to a few minutes, then you could put it in the same realm as Wrestling, we know it is fake but if someone spends $20 on the event and they enjoy themselves then so be it. The $300 for the 60 minutes call does cross the line...

    Of course they advertise it as "For Entertainment Purposes only"
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    Does that mean more Bowflex commercials?
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    Just hope she isnt the new spokeswoman for Enerex. Now thats a frightening sight, isnt it? :)
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    LOL....:D Karl, no more bowflex commercials.
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    Yeah, another news report stated something like "a call from the gate in front of Miss Cleo's mansion in Florida resulted in a 'no comment' response" That means alot of people are calling.

    I especially like the story about a 12 year girl who racked up $280 on one call and when the father complained, they said they didn't care if she was a minor. He still got charged. Aren't they required to state that callers must be 18 or over?
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    Don't be so sure Miss Cleo is fake. Psychics really exist - but be careful. It is satanic. Avoid these people at all costs.
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    Heh.... I used to joke that "If you're my Psychic friend, you tell ME my credit card number."
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    Miss Cleo is just as fake as the psychics who call out sick and crippled people's names from the crowd in their church on Sundays to be healed by Christ.

    People like Benny Hinn and the like perform the same miraculous fortune telling as part of their stage show each week. I don't hear anyone calling them satanic.

    Oh wait, if a person throws in a verse from the Bible every so often or quotes Jesus Christ on occasion in between "visions" well, that means it's not satanic, right?

    Just like the commercial says: "For entertainment purposes only." Any one who reads more into it than that is a mental midget.
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    There have been fake healers and televangelists who were, if not Satanic by intention, unknowingly working for Satan by destroying the image of what it is to follow Christ.
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    Gummy, I do agree with you on that statement.
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    Maybe her personal Psychic wasn't up to snuff.

    And when Psychic Friends Network went bankrupt, why didn't they know it was going to happen :)

    Enquiring Minds want to know!!!, but will pay 4.99 a minute to find out :D
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    Miss Cleo maybe really annoying but, I think theres someone worse then her. Kennny Kingston!!! I remember back with cable watching The Preview (TVGuide) Channel, every 2 minutes there would be commercials for his psychic network. I still remember his tagline, 'Call now, sweet spirits'.
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    On my recent flight to/from NYC on JetBlue, I was captive to DirecTV for five hours (awesome), and not ONE Miss Cleo commercial. Plenty of Bowflex, but no "call me now for your free reading!"

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