MLB says Slingbox steals our national pastime

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    June 07, 2006, 2:37 PM PDT
    MLB says Slingbox steals our national pastime
    Posted by: Molly Wood

    Major League Baseball, second only to the NFL in its success at greedily limiting distribution of its product; charging giant sums of money for any and all rebroadcasting; and aggravating fans nationwide with seemingly arbitrary, money-motivated TV blackouts, is now making noises about how it thinks Slingbox is helping users steal baseball. George Kliavkoff, executive vice president of business for MLB Advanced Media, got into a tiff with Rich Buchanan, Sling Media's vice president of marketing, insisting that a cable subscriber who uses Slingbox to watch a Giants game while on the road to Chicago would actually be taking money from the mouths of Chicago cable affiliates (who probably aren't going to air it anyway). Did you follow that? No? Well, let me break it down for you. It's asinine, and you should just watch Segway polo on CNET.
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    Currently, if you live in New York City, Los Angelos, Chicago, etc, the city's local television station braodcasting thier "home" baseball games now offer viewers a sign-up offer for...... "MLB.TV"! This is an internet video-streaming "FOR A FEE" live feed of the games to you "anywhere" via internet. THIS SERVICE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CABLE EITHER!... but POSSIBLY ITS A "MLB" INVESTMENT VENTURE! Note, WGN, TBS, and other super stastions have nationally showcased, the past decades, their hometown baseball teams whereby in returned it has helped to promote a national interest in the other teams as well. SUGGESTION: A "Universal Access Law" needs to be passed that will allow any citizen to have access to any or all "National" sporting events being played in arenas, fields, and stadiums partially financed with PUBLIC TAX MONEY & BONDS! Maybe this will get the "Greed Marketeers" off of their scam-horse!
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    Well, that makes sense to me. :shrug:

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