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  1. failurite

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    I'm a newbie to Dish network, I bought a house with a tenant in it already. The house has a dish and the prior owner had Dish Network that was working up until a couple days ago when they disconnected.

    The Tenant has Dish at another house and simply wants to relocate their Hopper to this house (seemed simple enough). They called Dish and relocated the address to this address and Dish said they'd be all set.

    When we plug it into the same plug that the old one was plugged into it says some 9999 message, then it says searching for signal with a gray bar that never moves and just hangs forever. The tech says they can't come out for at least three weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions? This seems like the simplest thing in the world. Unclear why it wouldn't "just work".

  2. NYDutch

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    Dec 28, 2013
    What model receiver do they have? That will let us direct them through the process to do a connection test to the "new" DISH to make sure it's registered correctly. Dish uses two different sets of satellites, and the old dish may have been aimed at a different set then the "new" dish. Either set will work, but a test needs to be run to let the receiver know which set it's using.
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    DISH employs multiple (four?) technologies to make the connection between the receiver(s) and the dish and these require different hardware as well as different settings. It could be that a part on the dish itself needs to be replaced. The Hoppers use one of two technologies depending on the model of the Hopper (there are four Hopper models). If the previous tenant had a different model Hopper or a non-Hopper, that's likely the problem and some hardware will have to be swapped out.
  4. scooper

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    What Harsh said. IF there was a Hopper at the new location, it is LIKELY (but not 100%) that they could have just hooked up the Hopper they brought , then run a "Check Switch" in the diagnostics, then things would be peachy keen. There are some exceptions here - Hopper 3 with it's 16 satellite tuners usually needs the latest LNB / nodes to work. Older Hoppers can usually use the newer stuff as well.

    To perform the "Check Switch" -
    Get into Diagnostics (press "Home" button 3 times)
    Arrow down to "Dish" , or press "3".
    Press "5" or the "Test Installation" button and let it run. When it successfully completes, you should be able to receive DIsh. If it doesn't work, you will probably need a tech visit to get things working correctly (swapping equipment, getting dish aimed correctly, etc.)

    Joeys are usually hooked up with coax to the Hopper, Although it is possible to use ethernet on both the Hopper and Joeys to make them work. If they have a Super Joey, it will need a coax connection as well as the Hopper (and you will probably need a different node).
  5. failurite

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    The original one (that used to work) was a "HOPPER With SLING" and the new one that is giving the issue is a "Hopper3".
  6. scooper

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    Apr 22, 2002
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    Well - did you follow my "Check Switch" procedure ? that would at least give us a clue what the issue is.

    If the Hopper3 doesn't work after the above - it will take a tech visit to get some equipment swapped.
  7. James Long

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    The Hopper 3 requires the newer Hybrid LNB setup. The Hybrid works with older receivers (I have one on my dish and I have a Hopper 2000) but an older install probably doesn't have a hybrid and the correct wiring.
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  8. Jim5506

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    You need to either replace the lnb with a hybrid lnb or place a DPH42 switch between the dish/lnb and your H3. The H3 with 16 tuners uses an advanced technology to carry all of those signals on one wire, whereas the HWS only had to carry three signals on that one wire. If you have any Joeys, you'll also need a solo hub or similar. Your best bet is to let the Dish tech upgrade your system to be compatible with the H3. Sorry about the wait time.
  9. P Smith

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    Jul 25, 2002
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    if TS is DIY man, he could look to many times posted here diagrams for install H3 or look at docs at solid signal site

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