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Moving to Colorado Springs

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by PeteB, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. PeteB

    PeteB Cool Member

    Apr 27, 2008
    I apologize if this post asks about too many disparate topics.

    Approaching three years as uncommitted Premier/NFL ST/HDEP/HD/WHDVR(u) subscribers, our current setup is an HR20 (1 TB from WeaKnees) and an HR21 (stock), both leased, with a "white label" SWM (also from WK) and WH/VOD networking accomplished through our own router and switch, NO DECA.

    Tomorrow (Monday the 14th), two 2 TB HR24's and two 1x2 splitters will arrive from WK. We close on our new house on Monday the 28th, and we arrive there permanently the following weekend, with movers showing up sometime the week after that.

    The goal is to transfer service seamlessly with no interruption in our recordings, minimal interior work by the installer, and maximum possible savings from Movers Connection, etc. :coolglass

    So, what I plan to do is call D* tomorrow to set up the move, activate the two new DVR's once any promos/discounts are reflected on line, and hopefully be scheduled for the morning of the 28th, when I will be at the new house (closing will have been postdated) with two of the DVR's, maybe the SWM & PI, blue couplers, some RG-6Q, compression connectors and tools, an UPS, and a small monitor (to get as much done inside as I can before the installer arrives). This begs the following questions:

    What is the current Movers Connection promo, and are there any other discounts we should hope to get in the process?

    Having read some discussions about ownage vs. lease, is there any downside to owning upgraded DVR's from WK when you have the Protection Plan? Does a DVR have to be characterized as owned before/when it is activated? I just activated the HR20 right after we first subscribed, thinking we could "own" it later on if the need arose. Now with two more coming tomorrow...

    Is the installer going to say, "Where are your other two DVR's? I can't finish the job until all the gear on your account is up and running..." If I can't leave at least one at the old house (in another state) until the install is completed, some recordings will be missed, which pretty much obviates the whole trip. If I'm good to go with half the DVR's at install, do I have to bring my SWM and even network switch to satisfy the installer that I have what I will ultimately need for four DVR's and WH (even though presently "unsupported")? I would rather just have the dish mounted and aligned, the four cables from it run to where I need them in basement, and the rest left to me, once signal strengths are verified on screen, of course. That is, unless they want to drop a green-label SWM-16 on us, as the "8" will be maxed out once we get moved in. :D Otherwise, I can't have a truck full of SWiMLine's show up, leaving us needing an LNB/arm/whatever refit should we want to add just one more tuner.

    Oh, do SWM's slow down tuning? If so, would a new green-label SWM tune faster than our c. 2008 model?

    Being that our new neighbor has a dish on the side of their house so near the corner that it is basically in our front yard :nono2: (see attachment; birds seem to be at about our 10, if you're facing the street), I don't think there will be any HOA issues, but if our dish just needs to be on the roof, is that going to cost extra? Ideally I'd like to get D* to promise to cover any such costs ahead of time; has that ever happened? :lol: Maybe I should bring some cash...
    front  yard.JPG

    I understand the importance of making sure that D* does not change the address on our account until the day of install, lest we lose the locals for two full weeks; anyone from the 'Springs that can tell me if CW/KXTU-57 is in HD yet, and if not, is it in HD OTA?​

    I think that covers it. Lastly, if you're interested in a great deal on new, 2 TB HR24's from WK, check out /black-friday.php?code=228575. ;)
  2. The Merg

    The Merg 1*

    Jun 24, 2007
    Northern VA
    There's not really a Mover's Connection Promo; it's just Mover's Connection. Basically, they will install everything by supplying all the hardware except for the receivers.

    If you currently have a SWM setup at your current location (and DirecTV has you flagged as SWM install), they should supply a new SWM at the new location for you.

    As for hooking up all your receivers, the installer will expect to have all of them when the install takes place. You technically cannot have service at two locations at the same time so when you have service turned on at the new house, you should not be using receivers at the old house.

    As for installing the dish on the roof, that would be a typical install. If your house is already pre-wired, the tech should just need to install the dish, run the coax from the dish to your home-run area and hook-up the SWM and splitters. Since you will only have 8 tuners in use, you might just get a SWM-LNB.

    If your SWM setup is not flagged by DirecTV (a self-install), you will most likely get a legacy LNB install, but the tech might be convinced to use your SWM module. In that case, it would be good to have the SWM setup and ready to go before the tech gets there so they just need to run the 4 coax cables from the dish to it.

    As for green label vs. white label SWM, the only difference is if you are currently using DECA for MRV. If you are not, then don't worry about it. If you decide to go the DECA route, you will need a Band Stop Filter.

    Also, as for getting a SWM16, that won't happen unless you have more than 8 tuners installed.

    - Merg
  3. PeteB

    PeteB Cool Member

    Apr 27, 2008
    Thanks for reading all that, and providing such succinct, useful answers! :)

    The guys here had never even heard of a SWM; I showed it to them, but I didn't connect it until some later day. So I most certainly shouldn't be flagged for it, and I would rather have the normal 5-LNB dish so that I can expand to a SWM16 later without calling anyone. So like you said, I was thinking I would have it all connected, SWM, PI, splitters, and DVR's, before the installer arrives, so all I'll need is the dish connected to the SWM and signal verified.

    Come to think of it, it's not logistically practical to get all those DVR's there that day, anyway. I'll just have to call my wife and ask her to power down the other DVR's while the installer calls in the address change for our account, and we should thus remain compliant.

    In that event, I won't mind procuring it on my own and installing it myself, as before. I just don't need my installer doing me any "favors" with anything less than a '16 or more than a plain 5-LNB.

    Thanks again!

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