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Discussion in 'TV Show Talk' started by phrelin, Sep 29, 2018.

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    The story plot line surrounds a Korean boy from a slave Korean family who for dramatic reasons ends up emigrating to NYC in the late 1800's and returns to Korea as a U.S. Marine to staff a U.S. Legation in the midst of early 1900's tensions between Japan, the USA, Russia, and Korea.

    To begin with the cinematography is superb - gorgeous scenery, unlike in almost all TV series, and it is even just the backdrop in many scenes. The story is emotionally complex but offers some humor bordering on slapstick. The directing and acting are at a level not exceeded by many shows.

    It is different. And we are just spellbound though admittedly that comes from the cinematography.

    This series is not for everyone. To begin with, the dialog is mostly in Korean (though some English and Japanese) with subtitles that are sometimes hard to follow. And since we can't tell when people are speaking Japanese instead of Korean, it is harder to discover what a character's role in the plot is.

    We would recommend it.
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    The language is always a problem with the international programs. We have closed captioning on when we watch NF shows. Thing is, some of these shows are really good. I can put up with the CC. What I don't like is international programs that are dubbed in English. I can't watch those programs, dubbing drives me crazy.

    I look forward to Mr. Sunshine.


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