Music choice not in sync between C61 and HR44

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by cypherx, Jan 6, 2019.

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    I thought the C61 used the tuners in the HR44, so I was surprised to see that both receivers tuned to the same music choice channel were not in sync. I changed the channel and changed it back just to ensure I was “live”. Have you noticed this? Is it closer in sync between different modes (HR54, HS17, etc)?

    Since it was on the same channel I would have thought the C61 would have tuned into the same stream (or tuner) for efficiency, this receiving the exact same bits.
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    different chips does decoding/decomp video/audio sat streams, different OS parts load ...
    it's never been sync between any device - turn volume down to avoid echo effect inside of your house
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    Since the Genie essentially 'streams' to the clients, there is probably a small buffering delay for the client to avoid problems from a momentary network glitch between them. It may be a bigger delay if you use a wireless client than wired (since it is more likely to have problems)
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    How are you listening to the channels? If they aren't the exact same TV, or audio system then they will also have different speeds when decoding the signal and playing it.

    As far as sharing a tuner if they are on the same channel I can't remember if it is smart enough to do that or not. I think you should be able to test it by going to your HR44 and setting up recordings for 4 shows that are currently airing, then tune to a certain channel. Once you have that going it should be using all 5 tuners, now go to your C61 and turn it on. Does it allow you to tune to the same channel the HR44 is on, or will it only let you watch recordings?

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