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My Dishplayers went nuts this morning.

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Nov 8, 2001.

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    I woke up this morning and found one of my Displayers turned on and the other not wanting to record a show set to record at 5AM. I checked to see if there was a 7-day guide download and there wasn't. What the heck is going on Dish!!!
  2. Guest

    I woke up to a multi dish switch error too.


  3. Guest

    Me three! I had to unplug mine to get the multi-dish error off of the screen!
  4. Guest

    I didn't get a switch error this morning but all last evening I kept getting the 5 minute bug. Makes me wonder if there is an error in the current 7-day guide which is why last night's download didn't work.
  5. Guest

    It happened again this morning. One DP was turned on and had a switch error. The other gave me the 5 minute bug. Still no 7-day guide for 2 days now.

    This is getting VERY irritating. Dish really needs to offer Dishplayer owners a trade up program for the 501. The DP is a piece of crap!
  6. Guest

    Me TOO:( I beleve a trade up will come but have no insider verification on this. I beleve my hard drive is going bad and have been trying to decide if its worth replacing. It even spins down really slow.
  7. Guest

    Switch Error this morning too.

    Time to jam the phone lines to the Charlie Chat on Monday!

    Also I am thinking about sending a letter to the Departement of Justice who is the group reviewing the Dish / DirecTV merger letting them know about the quality of Dish and their products.

  8. Guest

    My wife is about ready to kill me! Because of this recent rash of bugs she lost a couple of recordings. This is not going to go on for much longer. I'm calling and writing Dish right now and demand that they replace both of my DP's with a 501. Not much better but hopefully more realiable.
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