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My recent experiences with DTV CSRs

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by josetann, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. josetann

    josetann Legend

    Oct 2, 2006
    Thought I'd post about my recent interactions with several different DirecTV CSRs.

    Couple weeks ago, had an old HR10-250 go out. I have the PP, so I called to get it replaced. Was forced to go through a lot of redundant troubleshooting. I.e. I had explained that it was plugged in a regular outlet during a storm when the power flickered several times, and that I had switched it to a power backup to see if anything changed. I still had to unplug it and plug it back up, and was asked if I had tried another outlet (duh, already told you I had). Rep eventually says they'll replace it, but after several long holds he came back and said the system was currently down, and I'd have to call back later to get it processed. I'm not entirely happy, but these things happen. I ask him to make sure he notates that I already went through all the troubleshooting steps, so I won't have to go through all this again.

    I called right back to speak to another rep for an unrelated issue. I downgrade my plan to the $29/mo Family package, and deactivate the one leased receiver I have (which turned out to be the receiver that had 2TB of recordings on an eSATA drive...figures I'd mix them up). I try to drop the HD access fee, figured it really shouldn't be an issue since I own all the remaining receivers. Rep states that there's no way to do this without downgrading my HD DVRs. Best they can do is credit my account $10/mo for the next year. I reluctantly agree, but start looking more seriously into using a Hulu/Netflix combo.

    I call two days later, and the rep sees the notes about the defective HR10-250. The system is showing that it's already been processed (however, the rep is able to see that it was not in fact processed, as no replacement receiver has been shipped out). He has to escalate the call, promises that I'll get a call back within a couple hours. I receive a call in the promised timeframe, and this rep confirms what the other rep said (that the system was acting as though this was processed, when in fact it was not). He's able to send one out manually (or whatever), and I should get it shortly. Nothing shows up on the DirecTV site under recent orders, however I do get the replacement receiver as promised.

    Called last Tuesday to activate the replacement receiver. What I got was an HR21, which had no ATSC tuner. Went around and around with the rep, was finally told that they could ship another replacement that should have the ATSC tuners built-in. I said that would not be acceptable...the first replacement should have had that, it didn't, and I wasn't going to go through the whole replacement thing again with my fingers crossed. I knew they could just send an AM21. Rep says there's no way to do that. This was the last straw for me, told him to go ahead and cancel the account on Sunday.

    Not long after, I check the account activity on DirecTV.com and notice that the receiver was listed as leased (stated multiple times that it was an owned receiver, since it was replacing an owned receiver). Call back in, get transferred a couple times, finally get someone that says they can take care of it. Was on the phone for over 40 minutes that call (just happened to look at the call timer).

    Shortly after I get off the phone, service to all my receivers has been shut-off. I call back in yet again. I'm pretty upset (don't worry, I didn't yell/scream/curse/etc.). Rep does a refresh on one receiver, it comes back to life. Does it for the other receivers, no-go. Few minutes later, they finally all come back on. She asks why I was canceling my account (btw, it seems that if your account is set to cancel, you get to bypass all the menus when you call in and are instead transferred directly to retentions). I explained the situation, she says I could go purchase one and they would credit the amount back to me, or they could ship one out for free. I'm a bit surprised why it was so impossible for the other reps, but not a problem at all for her. I'm still kinda ticked off at DirecTV, but if they're willing to send out the AM21 now, might as well take it. Rep states that the system probably won't let her place the order if the account is set to cancel, but offers to try anyway. When it wouldn't let her, I agree to let her to cancel the pending cancellation so she can put the order through. I received the AM21 a couple days later.

    Called in tonight to go ahead and cancel the account (Hulu and Netflix are suiting our needs for the moment). Rep offers to credit my account $150, no strings attached. I'm a bit stunned, of course I accepted the offer. Too bad I already disconnected the receivers, but it does buy me some more time (to make sure this Netflix/Hulu combo will work out). Then again...that's probably their plan.

    No idea if this will help anyone or not, but figured I might as well post my experiences, good and bad.

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