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Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by Gemini365i, Oct 1, 2002.

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  1. Gemini365i

    Gemini365i AllStar

    Sep 7, 2002

    Since I am a fairly new sub to DTV. I got service on Friday the I ordered : DTV-The Guide, OnSat, and Satellite Direct.

    Well, as of yet I have not received Satellite Direct, but I have gotten the other 2, plus a complimentary issue of TV Guide(D* version)

    ON SAT ---- OK........ I got OnSat 1st last week, and at first I was not pleased with it. It's like a magazine, more like Consumer Reports. That is far from what I thought it would look like. The 1st issue was Sept. 30-Oct 6. While I do like the layout and that it only uses 2 pages(front and back) for one day, and I like the sections, like Premuin Chennels, with all listing for Premiums there, and Variety, News&Information, and Network, etc. The listings are too small and get chopped off :lol:. The MOVIE listings are so zig-zagged thru the magazine :-(.... VERY UNORGANIZED! The listings are also confusing to figure out when a movie starts. so at the beginning of the listing, they put :45 for one and :06 for the other, to show that the movire starts at 6:45 and another one starts at 8:06,Etc. In my opintion, this thing needs a redo from front to back, and needs to be cut down to a smaller cutre size for the name OnSat. I don't think i'm gonna keep it past my 4 free copies. Not worth the $15.95.

    DirecTV The Guide ---- Today, I got my 1st issue of DTV The Guide, with next weeks issue of OnSat(Oct 7-13). Damn it's HUGE! I didn't know that it was a monthly guide, so now I know. I LOVE THIS GUIDE. It has section listings like OnSat. In a nutshell, it's like a Popular Club Plan sized TV Guide replica listings guide. The listings are cute, and they have all time zones listed, and the movie listings even have May be a bit confusing to get used to at first...NOT!!!! I like it... A LOT! Definitely worth the $2.99/mo I am paying for it.

    TV Guide{D* version} --- OK, As I said above, I got a complimentary issue(Oct 5-11) of this on Saturday. It's fatter than the regular TV guide. Well, I don't like TV Guide to begin with, so you know I have nothing to report on it, nor am I subscribing to it! Not worth $0.01!

    Satellite Direct ---- When I get it, i will update my review... thanx for putting up with my review.

    JE:lol: :D :D :D :D :D
  2. Karl Foster

    Karl Foster Hall Of Fame

    Mar 23, 2002
    I have subscribed to both OnSat and TV Guide. I found I didn't use either one very often, so I haven't kept them. I did like the TV Guide better, but that is just my preference. :)
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