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My (two) customer service experiences this evening

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by MadMac, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. MadMac

    MadMac Legend

    Feb 18, 2008

    HR24 (don't remember the suffix) had been a little erratic lately, stuttering during playback occasionally and on one occasion, went into a spontaneous reboot while watching something. Came home this evening, stuck on a blue screen "Checking Receiver Startup" or something like that. No response from front panel or remote. Waited about 20 minutes, no change, unplugged and plugged back in. Same outcome. Called in, did RBR per automated prompt, got to a screen "scanning" with a progress bar stuck on 0.01% and a note "14 errors found 0 errors fixed". The bar subsequently went to 0% with (3006) after it - error code? Spoke with a rep, frankly got the impression that he wanted me off the phone so he could get back to doing something else. He said it was doing an update (at 6 PM during game 7 of the NBA Finals, not that I care anyway?). Advised me to call back in a couple of hours if still having issues. Pity he didn't take me up on the offer of a bet that I'd be calling back.....

    So, off I go for coffee with the dogs. get back, it's back up and running but has wiped all the recordings and "To Do" list. Called back in and the system recognised that I had called recently. I got more or less straight through to a rep who very quickly confirmed that the drive had dumped out. Replacement being dispatched. Camille in Oregon went over the usual steps (what to send back - apparently they want the power cord these days....I should send the other five I have as well!). She also explained that there was no charge and that it was a lease for lease replacement.

    Summary - disappointing response from the first fellow, much better from Camille.
  2. Drucifer

    Drucifer Well-Known Member

    Feb 12, 2009
    NY Hudson...
    Yep 14 is a bad HDD. Anything on the HDD was properly corrupted. So even if you didn't lost everything, large chucks of every thing on the HDD would be missing.

    The codes are here on the forum in the Tip thread.
  3. Volatility

    Volatility Legend

    May 22, 2010
    Doing an update? Wow. Just wow.

    I'm going to shoot you a PM of advice when calling in I am not posting out in the open.
  4. MadMac

    MadMac Legend

    Feb 18, 2008
    Just to expand a little, the '14' looked like it was how many errors had been found, rather than an error code. There was a number (3006) displayed in the progress bar when it was at 0%.
  5. ThomasM

    ThomasM RF Engineer

    Jul 20, 2007
    Milwaukee, WI
    I use the "30 second rule" when calling DirecTV (or most other companies' customer service representatives also). If I encounter an unhelpful person or someone who obviously doesn't know what they are talking about I put up with them for about 30 seconds and then I just hang up. Although many people are frazzled with the modern automated phone systems, one nice feature is that if you do manage to find the selection that gets you a live person it will generally ALWAYS be a DIFFERENT person, often one that is hundreds or thousands of miles from the person you hung up on. Thus, after hanging up, call right back!

    Another tip when dealing with DirecTV. Since you are a member of DBSTALK you obviously know a lot more about your receivers than the average customer who has no idea what to do in the event of a problem. DirecTV's automated system is designed to accomodate these callers with "baby step" instructions of what to do (I.E. "press the red button", "unplug it for 15 seconds", etc.)

    Instead of following these ridiculous instructions just say your receiver is DEAD. No lights, no picture, no sound from the receiver at all. And yes, tell them you plugged a lamp into the same socket and it lights up. If you have multiple receivers, tell them all the others are working. If they suggest a service call, tell them only if it's free (it won't be).

    That's the quickest way to get a replacement receiver on it's way to you.

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