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Nasa TV

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by -, Jan 25, 2002.

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    I suggest all Directv subs write to Directv to urge them to move the NASA channel to the main satellite. If they can add Daystar and TCC I don't see any reason not to add NASA.
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    you can call DTV all you want they wont listen and dont care. get an elliptical dish and install yourself like i did.they dont cost much and are really easy to put up. Directv just added The China Channel (CCTV),but you need the eliptical dish and a plus or para todos reciever to get it. Unless you want spanish programing,there is no extra charge for nasa or china tv, may be thats why they wont tell any one about these stations, they are not even listed in any guide.
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    i think its dumb that directv makes us go through the trouble to put up an eliptical dish just to get nasa tv .you dont have to do that with dish net.yeah,i would like to get china tv and learn how to make egg foo young. my dad says we can get one if us kids put the dish up our self cause he dont have th time. as for wink, yeah it is lame cause that little `i` keeps getn in our vcr recordings so we keep it dis abled. thanks for listening. jill b.
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    Welcome to DBSTalk Jill, I think your our first female member here. Keep complaining to DirecTV, Dish used to have Nasa on its slide slot at 61.5 and after tons of complates they finally moved it to 119 about 2 years ago.
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