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NBA games all lumped together in Playlist

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by fullcourt81, May 5, 2010.

  1. fullcourt81

    fullcourt81 Legend

    Sep 8, 2005
    I have recorded NBA playoff games from different channels, but in the playlist the Folder title is from one of the games, like "Lakers vs Thunder", with Celtic and other games all in the same folder.
    They are from TNT, ABC and ESPN, so is the coding wrong on all of them?
  2. RunnerFL

    RunnerFL Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2006
    Something like "Lakers vs Thunder" would be treated as an episode title so to speak. They are all in the same folder because they are all from the same "show", which in your case is something like "NBA Basketball".

    Is the folder itself named "Lakers vs Thunder" or is that a title within the folder?
  3. fullcourt81

    fullcourt81 Legend

    Sep 8, 2005
    that is the title of the folder. never seen this before.
  4. inkahauts

    inkahauts Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2006
    I know why.. Its because ALL the playoffs are being coded as a SERIES, of one kind... This is nice, so you can set up three SL's, one for each channel, (abc, espn, tnt)and catch all the games, instead of having to catch each game seperatly, or even use an ARSL...

    With that said, the networks have all these listed with the same series code if you will, but constantly change the title of the series for each game.. SO you end up with a folder stating the name of the most recent game recorded, and in it will be all the games that have been recorded but not deleted by you yet...

    I created 3 SL's before the playoffs began, but right after they showed up in the system.. The are listed as bull vs cavs, bucks @ hawks, and bobcats @ magic... from channels 7, 206, and 245... But they are catching every game on tv, so I'm thrilled, and couldn't care less about the titles...

    SO basically this is actually a nice thing that they did, but they haven't figured out how to title the SERIES aspect, by say naming them NBA Playoffs 2010 or something...

    And by the way, yes, they are literally the same series code across all three channels too, because all three channels fall i the same folder as well...
  5. Avder

    Avder Hall Of Fame

    Feb 6, 2010
    Ive got the same kind of thing, only for hockey. Ive got a folder called "Canadians @ Capitals" Since I decided I want to watch game seven of that series again sometime, and tonight the two games I recorded show up in that folder as Bruins @ Flyers and Blackhawks @ Canucks. All of the stuff I recorded is off of VersusHD

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