Negotiations/Dispute Megathread: 2020 AT&T Edition

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    Just on the off chance we have a situation similar to 2019 where multiple disputes happen at the same time I thought it would be good to have a megathread of all active disputes for AT&T's video services: DirecTV, U-Verse TV, AT&T TV, AT&T TV Now and AT&T Watch TV. All AT&T services are included as most of DirecTV's contracts are tied to its sister services.

    This may come in handy when someone wants to know about X dispute but its thread has been burred away by other posts. We can also use this thread to post all the U-Verse TV programming notification changes instead of cluttering up other threads like HD Anticipation Thread.

    2020 Active Disputes/Blackouts
    • Morgan Murphy Media (Local Channels)
      • Channels affected: WISC-TV (CBS), WISC-DT2 (MyNetworkTV)
      • Blackout Start Date: January 8, 2020
      • Service affected: U-Verse TV
      • Reason: Failed to reach a new agreement by 7 p.m. January 8th
      • Current Status: Blackout ongoing
      • Existing Discussion(s): None
    Active Carryover Disputes/Blackouts
    • beIN Sports (National Sports)
      • Channels affected: beIN Sports, beIN Sports en Español
      • Blackout Start Date: August 31, 2018
      • Services affected: DirecTV, U-Verse TV
      • Other affected providers: Comcast Xfinity (August 31, 2018 - Ongoing)
      • Reason: Price, beIN Sports wants wider distribution not regulated to a sports tier
      • Current Status: Channels space dropped, blackout ongoing
      • Existing Discussion: Here
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    Mar 19, 2015
    2020 Resolved Disputes/Restorations
    2020 Programming Expirations (drops not affected by disputes)
    • Audience Network was sunset on May 22, 2020 and transitioned into a barker/preview channel for HBO Max. (Discussion) [Affects all platforms]
    • AT&T's rights to carry Fusion (DirecTV, U-Verse TV, AT&T TV Now) and El Rey Network (DirecTV, U-Verse TV) expire on 1/23/20 at that time the channels will be removed. (Discuss here)
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    Mar 19, 2015
    U-Verse TV Programming Notifications - USA Today

    January 2020
    As previously noticed, the AT&T contract with the programmer for the following channels is set to expire. While these channels will continue to be available to U-verse members so long as AT&T has the rights to carry them, if a reasonable agreement cannot be reached with the programmer the programming will no longer be available. AT&T may modify the channel location for the programming by moving them from their current channel location to a channel between 9501 – 9599, and if a reasonable longer term agreement cannot be reached with the programmers, we may lose the rights to carry them (listed in alphabetical order) on or after January 2020: Aspire (channel 158 and 1158 in HD); SonLife Broadcasting Network (channel 580 and 1580 in HD); Sony Entertainment Television (channel 3704); UP (channel 369 and 1369 in HD).

    As well as the following:
    1. Austin, TX area, KNVA (channel 12, and 1012 in HD);
    2. Charlotte, NC area, WCCB (channel 18 and 1018 in HD),
    3. Columbia, SC area, WOLO (channel 25 and 1025 in HD);
    4. Dayton, OH area, WBDT (channel 26 and 1026 in HD);
    5. Jacksonville, FL-Brunswick, GA area, WJAX (channel 47 and 1047 in HD);
    6. Lafayette, IN area, KADN (channel 16);
    7. Lafayette, LA area, KADN (channel 15 and 1015 in HD), KLAF (channel 8 and 1008 in HD);
    8. Montgomery-Selma, AL area, WAKA (channel 8 and 1008 in HD), WBMM (channel 22 and 1022 in HD);
    9. Topeka, KS area, KTKA (channels 49, 50 and 1049 in HD).
    February 2020
    [...] we may lose the rights to carry them (listed in alphabetical order) on or after February 2020: Phoenix InfoNews (channel 3606); Phoenix North America Chinese Channel (channel 3606); [U-Verse TV's rights for all its Stingray audio music channels omitted the entire list as DirecTV has Music Choice]; Telefe Internacional (channel 3035).

    As well as the following:
    1. Augusta, GA area, WFXG (channel 11, and 1011 in HD);
    2. Bakersfi eld, CA area, KERO (channel 23 and 1023 in HD); KZKC (channel 42 and 1042 in HD);
    3. Cleveland, OH area, WEWS (channel 5 and 1005 in HD);
    4. Corpus Christi, TX area, KAJA (channels 17 and 3007); KRIS (channels 2, 23 and 1006 and 1023 in HD);
    5. Detroit, MI area, WMYD (channel 20 and 1020 in HD); WXYZ (channel 7 and 1007 in HD);
    6. Grand Rapids – Kalamazoo, MI area, WXMI (channel 17 and 1017 in HD);
    7. Green Bay, WI area, WACY (channel 32 and 1032 in HD); WGNA (channel 26 and 1026 in HD);
    8. Indianapolis, IN area, WRTV (channel 6 and 1006 in HD);
    9. Kansas City, MO area, KMCI (channel 38 and 1038 in HD); KSHB (channel 41 and 1041 in HD);
    10. Knoxville, TN, WTNZ (channel 43 and 1043 in HD);
    11. Lafayette, LA area, KATC (channels 3, 4 and 1003, 1004 in HD);
    12. Lansing, MI area, WSYM (channel 47 and 1047 in HD)
    13. Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL area, WSFL (channel 39 and 1039 in HD);
    14. Milwaukee, WI area, WTMJ (channel 4 and 1004 in HD);
    15. Nashville, TN area, WTVF (channel 5 and 1005 in HD);
    16. Odessa-Midland, TX area, KWWT (channel 5);
    17. Panama City, FL, WPGX (channel 28 and 1028 in HD);
    18. San Diego, CA area, KGTV (channel 10 and 1010 in HD); KZSD (channel 15);
    19. Tulsa, OK area, KJRH (channel 2 and 1002 in HD);
    20. West Palm Beach-Ft Pierce, FL area, WPTV (channel 5 and 1005 in HD).
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    Mar 19, 2015
    Updated top posts to reflect Hearst blackout has ended
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    KZSD is a translator of KGTV and its channel number is 20,not 15. Channel 15 is KPBS.
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    These are U-Verse TV programming notices using their U-Verse TV channel numbers not their OTA numbers. I just copied and pasted the info from the link so if there is an error that's all AT&T.

    But this does give us insight on which local groups they are negotiating with that could impact DirecTV like in January 2020 is Nexstar sidecar Vaughn Media, Bahakel Communications, Allen Media Broadcasting and Hoffman/Cox (WJAX) are the major ones. February is Lockwood Broadcast Group, E.W. Scripps Company and JB Broadcasting (KWWT). So if a dispute happens with one of these groups at the last minute at least we have a heads up.

    December 2019 was a major update as it highlighted AT&T's agreement with Univision was expiring that month but the two sides came to some sort of agreement which resulted in the non-renewals of Fusion and El Rey apparently.
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    Added U-Verse TV only dispute with WISC owned by Morgan Murphy Media that started on January 8th and is still ongoing. This dispute is for a single local station owned by Morgan Murphy Media and only affects U-Verse TV subscribers.

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