Netflix revisits audio quality after producers complaints

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    An article today in TV Technology from a posting in Netflix Tech blog has Netflix revisiting their audio streaming choices. Like many (but not all) stored program streamers, Netflix has been using Dolby Digital + as their audio encoding for many years, providing up to multichannel surround (depending on the original source) with fairly low bitrate to minimize the amount of bandwidth out to the subscribers. But some of Netflix's own producers (notably 'Stranger Things') noticed that their audio work was being degraded by the low bitrate.

    So the upshot is, Netflix is ramping up the audio, depending again on the source, toward more transparency and 'lossless' than compression.

    One of the areas of 'live' streaming that users have been complaining about since the dawn of those services (psvue, sling, you tube tv, hulu live, etc) is the lack of audio transparency, to wit, surround sound as most network and even local produced programming is done in 5.1 these days, but these streamers 'dumb down' the audio to 2.0. In every yearly conference they claim to be 'working on it' but years have gone by with no improvement. When are they going to get off their rear ends?
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