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    After recently signing up for Netflix I undertook a project to transmit online movies from my HP Multi-Media PC through our Denon AVR 987 to our Sony TV. A very long story short the effort was a complete failure.

    Efforts to run the Netflix online movie through the 987 resulted in no AV at all.

    Efforts to run the same directly to the televsion with two configure monitors (tv as one) while the primary PC monitor was connected resulted in AV of the PC but not AV of the actual movie.

    The only way to get the Netflix AV to the tv was to disconnect the primary monitor and run the signal directly to the tv's inputs. After all that trouble the quality was terrible.

    Even though I've dumped this effort I do have two questions.

    My two questions are

    1. Why did the AV from the PC not process at all througn the AVR?

    2, Did some sort of copy protection gizmo prevent the Netflix movie from dispaying while a primary monitor was connected?
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    I would start ask the questions with technical support person from Netflix.

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