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New Commitment

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by bobsupra, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. bobsupra

    bobsupra Work In Progress DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jul 12, 2002
    I've been a loyal Dish customer for eight years with five receivers and all the bells and whistles. I do not have a current commitment. Today, I received a notice from Dish saying to give them a call as some of my equipment will need to be changed out due to "improvements in (their) system's technology."

    So, I called them and they said due to changes the Eastern arc, the 301's will need to go with a two year commitment. I said no need as I don't have HD capability on those televisions. Then they said I will need to move from the current two dishes on the roof to one dish so that I can continue to receive HD on the 722 and 211, but again with a two year comittment.

    I'm moving in six-seven months and not sure who I will be using, Dish, Direct, cable or whatever. Response from Cust Service was basically even though Dish is the cause for the change, if I wish to continue to receive HD, I need to pony up for two more years. In effect, Dish is saying loyalty is not something they're interested in, and, if I wish to continue to do business with them, I would be locked for an unacceptable period of time.

    Anyone else run into this situation, and if so, what was the resolve?

    Bob (who is back to dbstalk after two years off)
  2. DaveInPhilly

    DaveInPhilly New Member

    Jul 8, 2010
    Same here. That plus the whole Fox retrans issues and the fact that they still don't have Comcast Sportsnet here in Philly = the end of Dish for me after 4+ years.
  3. EW800

    EW800 AllStar

    Oct 1, 2010
    I am no expert in this area, however that seems very WRONG. If the change is completely initiated/required by them, I cannot see how they justify forcing you into another two years....
  4. garys

    garys Hall Of Fame

    Nov 4, 2005
    Sounds like third party doing a hard sell.
  5. boba

    boba Hall Of Fame

    May 23, 2003
    Simple solution ceo@dishnetwork.com explain what is happening and ask if they want you as a customer.
  6. RasputinAXP

    RasputinAXP Kwisatz Haderach of Cordcuttery

    Jan 23, 2008
    Off topic, but that's not Dish's fault. Comcast has been told to give it up to Dish but hasn't.
  7. bobsupra

    bobsupra Work In Progress DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jul 12, 2002
    Well, my faith in Dish has been restored. Last night, a more experienced CS agent called and we discussed their need for the change. She readily agreed to waive the commitment. Installation on Wednesday. Moral of the story is if you're polite, but insistent, and calmly explain your side of the situation, they will listen and react.
  8. SaltiDawg

    SaltiDawg Active Member

    Aug 30, 2004
    Cool. Blame Dish for trying to keep costs down and jump ship to Cablevision in Philly.

    Oh wait, that will not work. Incredible! :rolleyes:

  9. FarmerBob

    FarmerBob Godfather

    Nov 27, 2002
    The two/one dish thing is a lie. I was told the same thing when I got HD and a 722 that I had to have a 1000.2. A couple of weeks ago they switched me back to two 500's, all new gear and DPP44 on their dime, from the 1000.2 since it been nothing but trouble since day one. I have been told several times that the 1000.2 was under designed and thus the new 1000.5, is it, all inclusive dish.
  10. BattleZone

    BattleZone Hall Of Fame

    Nov 13, 2007
    We encounter FAR more problems with DPP44 switches than 1000.2s, and we install 40 1000.2 dishes for every DPP44 we install. I don't know what your issues were, but there is nothing at all wrong with the 1000.2 dish.

    The *original* 1000 dish, which used Dish 500-type LNBs (a DPP Twin and a DP Dual) *was* designed with too-small a reflector and it was tough to get good signals. The 1000.2 is quite a big larger, much easier to assemble, and gets better signal. And they are VERY reliable. LNB failures are quite rare given the number of them out there.
  11. Dish97

    Dish97 AllStar

    Dec 19, 2009
    I agree. Two years ago, needing a fourth output, I installed a DPP44 with my 1000.2 setup. Kept losing signal from outputs #3 & 4. Threw the DPP44 away. Ended up adding 2 more dishes for partial EA(72.7 & 61.5 into a DPP33) for the additional lines I needed. Never had a problem with the DPP33.
  12. FarmerBob

    FarmerBob Godfather

    Nov 27, 2002
    There is a ton of backroom information that outside world will never know. Charlie doesn't tell everyone everything. So what makes you think that Echostar is going to release all the "gory" details on their "failures" due to "cost effectiveness shortcuts" in manufacturing? I was with Hughes Aerospace for many years and know how the toys are made and have always suspected that the 1000.2 dish itself was a tad bit "under" designed, which was confirmed by two Field Supervisors recently and that is why they (those haven't drank the Kool-Aid) are moving people back to or if they are already there, leaving with them with the two dish set up. As I was. And what about the new 1000.5, it it, with interchangeable Arc specific LNB? An AiO that with the ability to, hopefully, accommodate the Eastern Arc, will in turn be "overkill" for the Western Arc that make up for the inadequacies of the 1000.2.

    My original DPP44, I had for years with no issues. Maybe your negative experiences are with more recently built and CCD (cost containing design) implementations? Which means I should expect issues with my "new" one. Having been with DISH since 1994 and Charlie long before that, I know how this works. But believe as you will. Time will tell . . .

    . . . fb
  13. BattleZone

    BattleZone Hall Of Fame

    Nov 13, 2007
    I've been a satellite contractor for 6 years, and have been to many thousands of installations. I have a pretty broad base of experience to form an opinion from. And while I am certain that there are plenty of people who know more about satellite TV than I do, I'm fairly confident in saying that I know more than 95+% of installers when it comes to the fine details of how things work.

    I could be mistaken, but it sounds like your opinion is based primarily on your one personal experience. If that is in fact the case, isn't it possible that your experience isn't the average one?

    And, BTW, techs say all kinds of things that aren't true, especially if it gets them out of doing more work (read: changing a dish).

    It is true that Dish is planning to discountinue all dishes except the Plus dishes (500+/1000+) and the 1000.4 & 1000.5 dishes, with a new LNB designed to turn the 1000.4 into a 1000.2. The 1000.4 dish is going to be the standard dish for all non-International installs across the country. But this isn't being done because there is anything wrong with the 1000.2 dish, but simply because fewer inventory items will save money for Dish Network, and will by default make it simple to switch Arcs if need be for LOS issues or because Dish moved programming. It's purely a money-saving issue.
  14. bfnestjr

    bfnestjr New Member

    Oct 18, 2010
    I also got the notice about the 2 year commitment, but Dish also wanted my Debit card. They told me that would be in case I canceled before the 2 years. I said I wouldn't give my card over the phone, and would only send it by mail. Didn't seem very happy, but I am going to wait and see what happens next.
  15. finniganps

    finniganps Hall Of Fame

    Jan 23, 2004
    Make sure paperwork you sign doesn't say on the back that you have a 24 month additional commitment - I think the boiler language does. Glad to hear it worked out as it should.
  16. Jim5506

    Jim5506 Hall Of Fame

    Jun 7, 2004
    Anecdotally, I have been using and still use an original D1000 with a DPP44 switch since I upgraded to HD when the ViP 622 came out, I believe in February of 2006.

    I am getting signal strengths just as good as those who have D1000.2's and have no complaints about my D1000. Occasionally (every 3 months or so) I have to reboot my DPP44, but I haven't had to do that for sometime now.

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