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new dish 6001???

Discussion in 'HDTV Equipment (Closed Forum)' started by -, Jan 11, 2002.

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    just got off the phone with a local sat provider inquiring about getting a 6000 and I asked if there was something new coming out in the near future that I should wait for, and he said yes.... by 12/2002 there will be a new box that blows the 6000 away.... anyone out there have insight on this new box? I dont want to wait!!!! must see olympics in HD!
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    I don't know what box your local dealer could have been talking about. There is an HDTV PTV box that dish is planning but no details have been set forth and whether or not it "blows the 6000 away".

    Right now the 6000 is a simple very easy to use receiver and well worth the money especially since it will receive and decode local OTA HDTV signals (assuming the 8VSB module is installed).
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    The Dish HDPVR921. Other then the name and the fact its an HD PVR theres nothing else known about it.

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    thanks... I'm trying to piece it all together... just bought the mits 46 and the pan DVD RP56... since I am an existing Dish customer, I am going to have to fork out top price for the gear and just trying to future proof myself the best I can... I am mainly interested in the OTA, since Houston now has 5 stations broadcasting HD at different times with more programing coming soon...

    Any harm in shopping for a used system? What should I look out for??? Any versions I need to avoid? How are software upgrades/ patches done???
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    You could try to get a used 6000 on E-Bay. Just don't pay any more than $499 for the receiver. You might be able to get one with an 8VSB module for less than $400. There are no particular versions you should avoid. The 6000 is a pretty good receiver and should work great for receiving local OTA DTV analog and digital. Good luck and thanks for registering at DBSTalk.Com!!!
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    You'd be doing really, really great if you could get a used 6000 with 8vsb module for $400. If you see a deal like that, jump on it immediately, because someone else is bound to. New 6000's cost the dealers $449 and the 8vsb's cost the dealers $129.

    BTW, the 6000 is an excellent receiver. I've had absolutely no problems with it in the month that I've owned it.

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