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    Apr 28, 2007
    I need a little Dish tutorial. I am an over 20 year Directv customer that is forced to find new service as D* has so far refused to give me a Winback deal. So I am trying to figure out the Dish equivalent for what I had with D*. Can I please get some guidance?

    My D* set up is 2 TV's with a Genie DVR on main TV and an HR24 DVR on second TV with shared whole home service. I have a 4tb ESATA external HD connected to the Genie.

    I don't think I need 2 DVRs with Dish because the Hopper 3 has 16 tuners is that correct? And can I get a Hopper 3 if I call to set up service because the online system defaults me to a Hopper 2. Also can I connect the 4tb external HD to the Hopper 3?

    Couple other questions. Will the location of my D* dish be the same for Dish? And for a Joey if I am wired up for D* should I use a eired Joey or is there an advantage to the wireless one?
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    This is correct.
    You'll need to call to get anything other than what the app offers.
    You'll need to use a USB external drive with DISH receivers/DVRs. If your external drive doesn't support USB, you'll need a new dock or enclosure.
    That depends on whether that location has a clear view of the satellites that serve your market (DISH has two independent constellations).
    There's no advantage to a wireless Joey if the wire is already in place. Wired is always preferable if it isn't too much trouble.
  3. bossfan50

    bossfan50 AllStar

    Apr 28, 2007
    Thank you for all those answers.

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