New Dish Network wiring for installation.

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    [SIZE=medium]Hello, I’m afraid you have a newbie here so please be patient. I am looking for some wiring direction. I am moving into a rural area where I will be adding Dish Network. (I’m not that filmier with them) I want to do the interior wiring myself and let the dish installer do just the installing. I do anticipate at least two locations with HD, for cable to media; do I use a certain type of coax cable? Is it one or two lines per outlet? At the exterior entrance I will have a central split area where I’m sure I will require special filters, splitters etc. So, materials used? Number of TV’s available? Any help will be appreciated.[/SIZE]
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    Be careful to observe the cable's bend radius limitations and don't bother putting ends on the cable.
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    there are much more
    an experience would do , don't have it - you'll need to learn; irregular basic question will not cover all outcomes

    so, the point is - do you need learn, accumulate experience for one install ? or just give an installer do that properly from first attempt ?
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    Apr 14, 2013
    Paying for professional installation will cost you less than your playing with what you have very little knowledge about.

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