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    inkahauts Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2006
    That hasn’t bee seen before, have you tried rebooting the DVR to see if that fixes that particular issue?
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    inkahauts Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2006
    Wow. Well caller id still works, just no history.. I guess I’m still just baffled by that being the reason you’d leave rather than any one of 100 other reasons I can think of with the new GUI.

    If dish has a package with all the channels you like, I’d look at them if I where you. Good luck, and let us know what you decide... I don’t know of any cable box that does caller id except if maybe you have their digital phone service. But not even that in my area.
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    inkahauts Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2006
    What are you having a hard time getting to? There’s a few things that are nicer, and plenty that isn’t...
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    itzme Hall Of Fame

    Jan 17, 2008
    When the phone is in use the screen displays CID messages come and go... it usually reads "Caller ID Unavailable - Unavailable" it can pop up once a minute or 5-10 xs a minute.
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    JB3 Mentor

    Oct 2, 2006
    One more annoyance. I just tried to connect from my RVU enabled TV. Client on the TV simply says, This location is not authorized. Back on the HR 44, I can't see the client MAC listed anymore. Trying to re-add it, but I can't figure out how to get the Mac from the DirecTV App on the TV again. All the App says is not authorized. Cant seem to get back to the settings within the app. Of course I'm paying an additional monthly fee for this client too. Unless anyone here has any good ideas on how to add the client back, I guess I'll be spending some quality time on the phone with a CSR.
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    vegasnv Mentor

    Jul 5, 2008
    I used to use Playlist Options (hit yellow button) to change the playlist back and forth between showing what was locally on the genie and what was on my 3 HR24's.
    How do I get to the setting to change playlist options?
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    RickL Cool Member

    Feb 17, 2007
    Received this a couple of days ago. Outside of a clean appearance, there is not one thing I like about it.
    It's harder to read.
    Everything seems slower.
    Not as intuitive.

    My opinion. Be happy with the old version if you don't have it yet.
    Wish I could revert back.
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    litzdog911 Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2004
    Mill Creek, WA
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    snowgod New Member

    Jun 29, 2007
    I'd be hysterically laughing at this, if it weren't for the fact that it is absolutely positively spot on!!
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    Grafixguy Godfather

    Mar 15, 2008
    New Jersey
    Just referring to all of the complaints I'm seeing here. I'll just wait til it hits my house and make my own judgement.
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    kram Godfather

    Sep 3, 2006
    Been using the GUI for a couple of days. Yes, there are things I don’t like, but there were things I didn’t like about the old one. For me, it usually just takes some getting used to, and learning where they put everything.

    P.S. Caller ID still works.

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    TheRatPatrol Hall Of Fame

    Oct 1, 2003
    Phoenix, AZ
    Still no one button PIP toggle.

    Do the Menu+# shortcuts still work?

    Do Boolean searches still work?

    Does 30SKIP still work?
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    GordonGekko Active Member

    Dec 5, 2015
    I absolutely hate this update and it will make me more likely to cancel Directv in the future if I ever get to that point. I have not read through this thread yet but these are my quick observations.

    1. What is up with the fast forward/rewind bar at the bottom of the screen, it casts a large black or dark shadow that takes up a significant portion of the screen, now I can't remember exactly how the old GUI looked but I don't believe it hid this much real estate.

    2. Is it me or is the general font significantly smaller? Is it because when viewing your programs in List view they added that sidebar to the left or is the font size smaller with no way to make it larger?

    The view of your recorded programs is horrible, everything is flat, almost as if Directv is following the horrible Apple model of making everything blend in together.

    3. The guide has issues of readability as well, even the record circle seems smaller.

    There are more issues I just can't think of them all at this moment but the one that stands out is how everything blends in together, as if you are reading a trade manual. Currently I don't have any images for the programs so that will help when they get updated but even the image box is smaller for the programs.

    This update is depressing.

    Update: Oh and the screensaver is even a step back, before the screen was completely back, now it seems to be a dark blue, more noticeable if you want to focus on something other than the TV. Even the floating Directv logo and font is larger than the old screensaver.

    They make the guide and program recorded list font smaller and this screensaver font larger, who authorized this?

    Update II: Yes I can confirm the progress bar now hides more of the lower screen real estate as I used to watch CNBC on a live buffer, FF at 2x and wait for a certain stock symbol to pass and then stop to get the quote, can't do that anymore as the large black shadow blocks any view of the lower screen during Fast Forward. I imagine this will impact monitoring a sporting event's score, NBA game for example during FF.

    OK now I see you can leave FF on and hit exit to see the bottom of the screen, maybe it was the same with the Old GUI, one positive at least. But here is one more negative with the progress bar, the change in color from what is left of a live buffer (light grey) to the actual live tv spot (dark grey) is barely perceptible.

    The DBS members always would respond to my old Directv Tivo posts that I should try the Genie as it is a better viewing experience than the DTV Tivo's, I waited but finally gave up on DTV Tivo and the people here were correct. Now with this new update it makes me want to switch to cable and Tivo but I really do hate cable.
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    GordonGekko Active Member

    Dec 5, 2015

    I wish I could take a screenshot, for some reason the fonts are smaller and different on my update, even the channel listing is miniscule in comparison and instead of the channel name in all CAPS, I get a very small channel logo in that section.
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    GordonGekko Active Member

    Dec 5, 2015
    God this exactly mirrors my opinion, what is Directv thinking, anyone use, similar recent software change that makes it more difficult for news items to stand out. The Old GUI improved your TV experience, this muddles it, and they could not even deign to allow us to turn the screensaver off.

    Currently I can't see my Favorite Teams, not sure if they altered this to force you to connect the internet in order to use this feature or it will just take time to arrive.
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    GordonGekko Active Member

    Dec 5, 2015
    Do you have the links to those sites? Curious to read the chatter.
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    GordonGekko Active Member

    Dec 5, 2015
    I am skeptical that complaints will matter but what is the best phone number to complain about this and what is the best link to complain via email? Is there still a way to email Directv Office of the President?

    Update: DIRECTV

    Many complaints about the font and this interesting reply from DIRECTV:

    Good day, Ron! We appreciate you taking the time to make sure that we are aware of you wanting to switch back to old program settings. We want you to know that technicians are already working toward a resolution to making programs view clearly. We apologize for this inconvenience. We'd love to hear from you again, don't be a stranger! -TwaC Social Media Specialis

    Is it possible that Directv will actually make some changes?
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    MysteryMan Well-Known Member DBSTalk Club

    May 17, 2010
    All they did was give you a pacifier.
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    bearcat250 Legend

    Feb 19, 2004
    On my HR-54 I used to be able to press the "dash" button and a box would open. In that box was an option to go to a specific date and time in the guide. Now the "dash" button goes to Smart Search. Anyone know how to perform the previous "dash" button functions?
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    P Smith

    P Smith Mr. FixAnything

    Jul 25, 2002
    E.Mdtrn Sea
    Anyone with C61K and UHD TV with HDR - how is your "Test TV" pass ?

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