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New International on E*

Discussion in 'TV Show Talk' started by -, Oct 31, 2001.

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    Channel 597 @ 61.5. Brazilian maybe????
    Record Internacional

    Dish has it listed on their website, bit when I click on the channel logo it brings up the Arirang TV page.


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    This channel is Portuguese (Brasilero) from São Paulo, Brasil. Brazillian Portuguese is quite different from European Portuguese. Both dialects are understandable buy both Europeans and South Americans, but it makes the difference among British English, U.S. English and Australian English pail by comparison.

    If you click on the channel logo rather than the channel name on the "International A La Carte" page you get to the right place. Here is the correct page for this channel on Dish Network's page.

    It's on 61.5 and 148 and is in free preview until Nov 30 (If My Protuguese comprehetion is up to snuff anyway)

    BTW, from what I can understand on the program breaks, looks like this is a new offering to the United States beginning today! Lots of "Hello America" promos. From what I can gleen, the promo tells people about the "new" service available and how now you can see programs directly from "our country".

    See ya

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