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Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by Wildblue, Mar 20, 2008.

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  1. Wildblue

    Wildblue Mentor

    Mar 20, 2008
    Hi--new to this forum. Good to see some names here I recognize from other forums, Home Theater Cruise, CES, industry meets, etc.

    Recently moved to Alaska, now looking to get Sat TV in the house. I did a bunch of research here last night, hoping you guys can double-check my facts for me, steer me in the right direction if needed, mostly on the HR-21.

    I've been a D* customer for about 6 years now--took my non-DVR HD receivers with me when I moved from the previous house, and left the dish. I want to leverage my situation, not having new service yet, to get the best deal from either D* or E*. If I go with D*, I'll want two HR-21's. If E*, I'll want two ViP 722's. New house has amazing A/V integration, with a small central electronics room in the basement, and robust A/V distribution to every room in the house. Previous owner left two old E* DVR's (year 2002 SD models) in the equipment rack, that can be independantly accessed and controlled from any room in the house. Outside, there is a single 40" x 44" dish on a mounting pole. From the dish to the side of the house is pre-wired four RG-6 cables. For some frustrating reason, though, from the house exterior down to the basement only two RG-6 cables are run. The old DVR's are only using two cables.

    I'm leaning towards the HR-21 Pro based on what I've learned here, and that I'm very much looking for high-end equipment/performance. (and love that I can rack-mount it!) Am I right in understanding that...

    1. The HR-21 Pro is purchase-only, (and NOT available from D* directly) and would not incur any monthly lease fees? (no lease fees from E*, I think)

    2. The HR-21 Pro is currently under recall for power supplies, and any unit I bought now would be recalled? (would like to take advantage of the 10% off sale now)

    3. Because I only have two coax lines run to the equipment room, I would have to use a SWM, to get full DVR capability from two units? I'm hearing that SWM for D* is limited, and I don't even know if it's available in Alaska. E* seems to be better available, with DP Plus Separators, going to dual tuners.

    4. On the HR-21 Pro, SD-composite, SD-S-video, HD component, and HDMI outputs are all simultaneously active? I understand that you must choose between HDMI or HDMI/SLI. (my home video distribution is mostly SD-composite, but I also would output HD to some rooms, and would need both) Is this true with the other HD-21 models also?

    5. D* is more difficult to receive in Alaska, especially HD? I don't have any terrain blocking the southern skies, just some trees in that direction.

    Thanks for the input!
  2. litzdog911

    litzdog911 Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2004
    Mill Creek, WA
    Welcome to DBSTalk!

    Check out the HR21 Pro "First Look" and info threads at the top of this forum ....
    Should answer many of your questions about its features.

    1. Purchase only. But you still pay the ~$5/mo "additional receiver" fee on a purchased unit instead of the "lease" fee for a leased unit.

    2. Haven't heard anything about a recall.

    3. One of the members here , dave29, is selling 8-output SWMs. Drop him a private message.

    4. Not sure. Might be covered in the "First Look" review.

    5. Yes. You need a larger dish that's available for Alaska and Hawaii. In fact, for HD I think you need two dishes. Your local DirecTV installer can provide more details.
  3. Wildblue

    Wildblue Mentor

    Mar 20, 2008
    Thanks! Yeah, the "First Look" was one of the things I researched first, last night.

    Well, I called DirecTV just now, to ask what offer they could make to keep me as a customer, it wasn't too bad of a deal. They're offering two HR-21's for $99.00 total, plus $19.95 shipping. throw in 3 free months of a premium channel, and $10 off each month's bill for 12 months. New service seems to be a better deal, though, offering $217.95 for two HR-21's, with a $99 instant rebate and $156 mail-in rebate. I'd have to set up new service under my wife's name.

    Kind of interesting, keeping this on topic, is that I specifically asked about the HR-21 PRO model, and the agent was able to pull it up in his database. He said they could note that two of them should be shipped from the warehouse to the installer, but (of course) he couldn't guarantee which models showed up for delivery--could even be HR-20's, not even basic HR-21 models. Also, the monthly charge would be the standard $72.99 for the HD-DVR programming package, (minus any temporary promotions) plus one $4.99 "mirror" fee for another receiver. NO LEASE OR OTHER UNIT/HD/DVR CHARGES.

    I think that's pretty obvious that no HR-21 Pro's would actually be sent for delivery, and the poor installer would show up at my doorstep with a couple of HR-20's.

    I said "no" for now... still mulling over what to do.
  4. spartanstew

    spartanstew Dry as a bone

    Nov 16, 2005
    Wylie, Texas
    If you were at all considering it, you should have considered jumping on that offer. Deals like that are getting harder and harder to come by and it's possible that your next call(s) will result in 2 HR-21's for $199 each and no monthly discounts.

    And yes, that CSR didn't even know what the pro model is.
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